Biographical Sketches

We are starting a new section on our website to hold biographical sketches of our members who wish to contribute one.  Although some of us have known many of our members for a number of years, we have some newer members that we do not know as well and who do not know some of the other members as well.  We hope that by sharing more information about our lives, the journeys we have traveled, perhaps our dreams and goals, or whatever is dear to us, it might draw us all closer.  We launch this section by using a life/professional sketch that our president, Ron Lawson, wrote to his colleagues on the occasion of his retirement from teaching at Queens College.  While some of it relates to his work there, much of it includes information about his journey from a young immigrant to the US to the Ron many of us only knew later in life. 

We would like to encourage others to contribute sketches for this section on our website.  Our site does not offer a way for you to directly post them, but you can send contributions to and I will post them to share with other members.

Ron Lawson  Ron Lawson Photo