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Current Schedule of Meetings

Note that all meetings are at St Mary's Church (see Our Home) and start at 11 AM. About once a month, usually on the second Saturday, there is an additional session at 2:15 as noted.
Fall 2006 Schedule
Guest Speaker: Gina Rae Foster  Morning Topic: Gina will lead a discussion of the biblical readings set for the day   Notes: This will be the first of our joint meetings with City Lights (see the Flash item) and will be at St Mary's
Songfest: 12, 21, 33  Hymns: 1, 363, 114  Liturgy Sheet: green  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 13
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Dr Normal Wendth  Morning Topic: Six Styles of Worship and their Meanings   Afternoon Topic: Kitsch in Worship   Bio: Academic Dean, Kettering College of Medical Arts
Songfest: 587, 79, 250  Hymns: 43, 363, 4  Liturgy Sheet: yellow  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 14
Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson  Morning Topic: The White Man's Burden   Notes: A discussion of issues raised by the book by William Easterly subtitled: Why the West's efforts to aid the rest have done so much ill and so little good.
Songfest: 545, 94, 365  Hymns: 30, 574, 624  Liturgy Sheet: blue  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 15
Spiritual Series: Judy Rittenhouse  Morning Topic: The Inter-religious Carnage in Bosnia: What the locals say about what happened.   Notes: Judy, a member, has just returned from teaching in Bosnia for two years.
Songfest: 611, 257, 96  Hymns: 3, 613, 355  Liturgy Sheet: pink  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 16
Quaker Center
City Lights Series: Robert Darken  Morning Topic: Thank God it's Monday!: Work and Faith   Bio: Robert is the former leader of the City Lights group during its first few years   Notes: Our second joint worship with City Lights, this time at their meeting place (see directions).
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Dr Gottfried Oosterwal  Theme for Day: Religion, Culture and Global Development   Morning Topic: Made in the Image of God: Design for cultural growth and development   Afternoon Topic: Religion, the Spirit of Capitalism and Globalization   Bio: Former Chair of the Department of World Mission, SDA Seminary, Andrews University. Gordon grew up in Malawi as son of missionaries, 1954-1970 and he and his wife were themselves missionaries there from 1976-1982 and 1987-1997. He has taught at the Seminary since 1998. He has a PhD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.   Notes: The morning topic deals with the meaning of the term “Image of God” and especially that part that consists of our cultural mandate expressed in Gen 2:15 (with an aside on what Jesus himself represents as the true image of his Father). The afternoon topic builds on Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism as a potential vision for the process of globalization, including US intentions in the Middle East.
Songfest: 315, 330, 185  Hymns: 167, 285, 547  Liturgy Sheet: green  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 18
Worship Series: Dr Lester Wright  Morning Topic: Grandma Ruth: The story of Ruth as she might have been remembered by her great-grandson David
Songfest: 154, 363, 199  Hymns: 93, 188, 574  Liturgy Sheet: yellow  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 19
Spiritual Series: Dr Ron Lawson  Morning Topic: The Caring, Welcoming Church?: The evolution of the Adventist Church;s response to it gay and lesbian members.
Songfest: 517, 615, 575  Hymns: 423, 577, 581  Liturgy Sheet: blue  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 20
Scripture/City Lights Series: Dr Ed Samuel  Morning Topic: Ed will lead a discussion of the Scripture readings set for the day.   Notes: A joint service with City Lights at St Mary's
Songfest: 490, 324, 243  Hymns: 17, 363, 191  Liturgy Sheet: pink  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 21
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Dr Douglas Clark  Theme for Day: Reading the Bible Through New Lenses   Morning Topic: A Cross-disciplinary Approach to the Book of Judges   Afternoon Topic: Deborah in Song and Story   Bio: Doug, a biblical archeologist, taught at Walla Walla College for many years and then became Executive Director of the American Schools of Oriental Research, the professional organization for archeologists. He is now head of an archeological research center at La Sierra University.   Notes: Morning: Here we will talk about a wide variety of disciplines, some tried and true, others rather novel and relatively untested, and how these can open new possibilities for understanding and appreciating the Bible, especially a challenging Old Testament book like Judges. Afternoon: Here I want to use one of the Judges stories as an example of this approach in action. Assignment: Please read the entire book of Judges a time or two before the discussion, paying attention to anything you may have missed in prior readings and jotting down 'what it would be nice to know about this stuff if you ever expect me to understand it or like it' questions. For those uneasy about disturbing human behavior, please don't read after 7 PM.
Songfest: 255, 484, 473  Hymns: 83, 488, 480  Liturgy Sheet: green  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 22
Worship Recital Special Thanksgiving Worship Recital: Tim Amulkele  Bio: Our member who is now doing a medical residency in Seattle.
Songfest: 8, 45, 101  Hymns: 10, 22, 23  Liturgy Sheet: yellow  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 23
Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson  Morning Topic: To Be Announced
Songfest: 229, 203, 223  Hymns: 57 in Episcopal Hymnal, 232, 221  Liturgy Sheet: blue  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 24/Christ the King
Quaker Center
City Lights Series: TBA  Morning Topic: To Be Announced
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Series: Dr Roy Branson  Morning Topic: The Transfigured Paul   Afternoon Topic: So What Would a Radiant Adventism Actually Look Like?   Bio: Former Editor of Spectrum and now Professor at Columbia Union College
Songfest: 333, 592, 114  Hymns: 191, 116, 115  Liturgy Sheet: pink  Scripture Sheet: Advent 2
Christmas Service :   Morning Topic: A time for sharing. All are invited to bring two contributions -- one to the service, whatever it be (music, story, poem, etc.) and some munchies to share afterwords. We will sing lots of carols.
Songfest: 119, 120, 124  Hymns: 191, 116, 115  Liturgy Sheet: green  Scripture Sheet: Christmas Day
Note Change: 5:00 PM
Worhip Recital: Choir of the Convent Avenue Baptist Church  Afternoon Topic: Christmas segment of Handel's Messiah   Notes: Bob Wilson, a forum member, is organist at Convent Baptist church and this concert at St Mary's was already planned. Since many members will be absent this week, we have made this performance our worship for this week (although at an unusual time).
No Service:
Winter 2007 Schedule
SS Lesson Series: Dr Lester Wright  Morning Topic: Lessons from the Early Days: On the topic of the Sabbath School lessons on Genesis   Notes: Joint worship with City Lights
Songfest: 137, 126(tune 224), 123  Hymns: 11, 267, 145  Liturgy Sheet: yellow  Scripture Sheet: Epiphany 1
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Dr Zdravko (Zack) Plantak  Theme for Day: Freedom and Authority   Morning Topic: Freedom from the Tyranny of Evil   Afternoon Topic: Freedom under the Authority of Christ   Bio: Professor of Religion, Columbia Union College
Songfest: 60, 662, 255  Hymns: 21, 247, 235(tune 607)  Liturgy Sheet: blue  Scripture Sheet: Epiphany 2
Ethics Series: Terry L Anderson  Morning Topic: Moral Minds   Notes: Delayed from November -- Some moral issues raised by the book by Marc D. Hunter
Songfest: 73, 94, 365  Hymns: 31, 250, 96  Liturgy Sheet: pink  Scripture Sheet: Epiphany 3
Worship Recital: Lisie and Hernando Orjuela and Bob Darken  Notes: Featuring art, poetry and voice
Songfest: 43, 148, 566  Hymns: 565, 24, 25  Liturgy Sheet: green  Scripture Sheet: Epiphany 4
City Lights
Joint Series: TBD  Notes: 222 E 16th St, between 2nd and 3rd Ave.   Scripture Sheet: Epiphany 5
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Dr Bailey Gillespie  Morning Topic: A Tale of Two Families   Afternoon Topic: Valuegenesis Research: What do we know for sure about Family, Church and School?   Bio: From La Sierra University, Dr Gillespie has been the director of the two huge (24,000 respondents) "Valuegenesis" studies of Adventist academy students in North America.   Notes: His presentations will discuss questions such as: How many young people are leaving the church? What are the main reasons they are leaving? How important is the family for faith development? What are the danger times for church committment?
Songfest: 70, 76, 75  Hymns: 233, 79, 232  Liturgy Sheet: yellow  Scripture Sheet: Epiphany 6
Spiritual Series: Dr Marciana Popescu  Morning Topic: Am I My Sister's Keeper?   Bio: Professor of Sociology at Fordham University and previously at Andrews University
Songfest: 92, 234, 240  Hymns: 167, 575, 233  Liturgy Sheet: blue  Scripture Sheet: Last Epiphany
Spiritual Series: Alex Belisle  Morning Topic: Our Bodies: a Spiritual Paradigm?   Bio: Our member and a retired high school teacher from the Bronx   Notes: A re-examination of the Adventist health reform message that re-aligns traditional ideological interpretations within our human physiology. Alex will be trying to initiate a prardigm shift in how we thinkabout health reform.
Songfest: 538, 523, 94  Hymns: 514, 587, 506  Liturgy Sheet: pink  Scripture Sheet: Lent 1
Worship Recital: Faith Esham, soprano, David Holkeboer, pianist, Gina Rae Foster, poet  Notes: Come, share the joy. City Lights will be meeting with us.
Songfest: 473, 140 (Episcopal Hymnal), 481 (words from 480  Hymns: 13, 472, 22  Liturgy Sheet: green  Scripture Sheet: Lent 2
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: The Rev Paul Johnston  Morning Topic: Holy Ground, Part I: "Come no closer" -- Worshiping from the Silence   Afternoon Topic: Holy Ground, Part II: "Heaping up 'empty phrases' or 'vail repetitions'"? -- Following Catholic Piety into the Silence   Bio: A priest at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Pittsburgh and artist-lecturer in music at Carnegie Mellon University. Paul grew up in Berrien Springs, the son of a professor at the Adventist Seminary, and will share with us the pilgrimage that lead him to become an Episcopal priest.
Songfest: speaker will choose  Hymns: speaker will choose  Liturgy Sheet: yellow  Scripture Sheet: Lent 3
Ethics Series: Terry L Anderson  Morning Topic: Moral Minds (continued)   Notes: More issues raised by the book by Marc Hauser discussing evidence for how much of moral facility is inherited and how much taught.
Songfest: 334, 504, 114  Hymns: 27, 691, 585  Liturgy Sheet: blue  Scripture Sheet: Lent 4
Worship Series: Dr Lester Wright  Morning Topic: It's Not About You: Moving beyond self-focus
Songfest: 237, 154, 152  Hymns: 162, 158 (Episcopal Hymnal), 362  Liturgy Sheet: pink  Scripture Sheet: Lent 5
Spiritual Series: Dr Terry Anderson  Morning Topic: Moral Minds (continued) [delayed from March 17 when we were snowed out].   Notes: More issues raised by the book by Marc Hauser discussing evidence for how much of moral facility is inherited and how much taught. [Jim Wideman, originally scheduled for this service will be rescheduled for a later service.]
Songfest: 154 (Episcopal Hymnal), 188, 517  Hymns: 160, 490, 156  Liturgy Sheet: green  Scripture Sheet: Palm Sunday
Spring 2007 Schedule
City Lights Series Special Easter Service: TBA  Morning Topic: TBA   Notes: Lead by City Lights, but at St Mary's   Liturgy Sheet:
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Dr Donald J. Ortner  Morning Topic: How Scientists Think   Afternoon Topic: The EB I Tombs and Burials of Bâb edh-Dhrâ, Jordan: A Bio-archaeological Perspective on the People   Bio: Curator, Dept of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution,   Notes: The topics bear directly on the age of the earth but in a very different and fascinating way. Excavations in the cemetery of the Early Bronze Age site of Bâb edh-Dhrâ in Jordan have yielded one of the largest and archaeologically best documented samples of human burials from the Middle East. They are from the earliest phase of the Early Bronze Age (EB I, 3300-3100 BCE) and represent a transition from a less sedentary to a more sedentary social structure including the initial stages in the establishment of a major urban site. The transition provided a significant challenge to the health and well-being of the people that is partially reflected in the burials. Don will present a brief summary of the archaeology, a review of the data currently available on the health of the people and its significance for the development of human society in the Middle East.
Songfest: 169, 165, 172  Hymns: 167, 173, 171  Liturgy Sheet: yellow  Scripture Sheet: Easter 2
SS Lesson Series: Dr Lester Wright  Morning Topic: Wisdom and Foolishness: Lessons from Ecclesiastes   Notes: Continues his series looking at issues from the Sabbath School Lessons for the current quarter.
Songfest: 172. 175. 162  Hymns: 182,190,481   Liturgy Sheet: blue  Scripture Sheet: Easter 3
Spiritual Series: Lauralea Banks  Morning Topic: Missing in Action   Bio: Lauralea, a member, will be graduating in October with a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University, specializing in conflict resolution and women's issues in the Middle East.
Songfest: 79, 104, 545  Hymns: 16, 552, 197  Liturgy Sheet: pink  Scripture Sheet: Easter 4
Worship Recital: Rober Londis, Baritone; Robert Wilson, organist; Jan Anderson, poet  Bio: Bob Londis is an opera singer based in Washington, DC. Bob Wilson is a member and church music director. Jan is a member and will be reading poetry.
Songfest: 20, 587, 29  Hymns: 565, 363, 173  Liturgy Sheet: green  Scripture Sheet: Easter 5
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Michael Kulakov  Theme for Day: Kingship and Dominion   Morning Topic: When You Walk through the Fire   Afternoon Topic: The Conflict of Cultures: Western and Eastern perspectives on religious liberty.   Bio: Professor, Columbia Union College   Notes: Michael will use Russia as his chief example. He grew up in the Soviet Union, previously was President of the Adventist Seminary there and has a D Phil from Oxford, focusing on religious libery and intolerance in the Russian Orthodox Church.
Songfest: 93, 92, 145  Hymns: 561, 712(Episcopal Hymnal), 567(Episcopal Hymna)  Liturgy Sheet: yellow  Scripture Sheet: Easter 6
Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson  Morning Topic: Rahab or when to tell a lie   Notes: We will hold our Annual Meeting after the service today. Please plan to participate
Songfest: 227, 223, 232  Hymns: 228, 221, 176  Liturgy Sheet: blue  Scripture Sheet: Easter 7
Communion Service: Dr Yvonne Valeris  Morning Topic: A Communion Service   Bio: Our member, Yvonne is a chaplain and trainer of chaplains, working this year at a system of hospitals in Arizona. She returns to lead this special service.
Songfest: 269, 265, 257  Hymns: 267, 397, 403, 407  Liturgy Sheet: pink  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost
Quaker Center
City Lights Series: TBA  Morning Topic: TBA   Notes: Lead by City Lights and meeting at their location, 16th St and Rutherford Place.   Liturgy Sheet:
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Dr Margaret Christian  Morning Topic: My Share: Living on One Six-Billionth (energy, food, water, wealth -- how much is there and, with 6.3 billion people, what is my share?)   Afternoon Topic: Thai Share and My Share: Calculating One Siz-Billionth via Economics and Ecological Footprint   Bio: Professor of English, Penn State University (and sister of our own Gina Rae Foster). Margaret has been engaged in an exciting research project in Thailand, which inspires her presentation.   Notes: The Kinsuwans, a family of seven members of three generations, oive in Bangkok on about 130% of the 'world average' income and use about 120% of their 'fair share' of the earth's resources. The Wichenwans, a nuclear family of three, living in a rural village on $2/day at the 5th percentile of the Thai income scale and 70% of an idealized sustainable average 'ecoprint'. This illustrated talk will lead into a discussion of rural and urban lifestyles in the US and how we can minimize our ecological impact.
Songfest: 30, 498, 71  Hymns: 73, 581. 355  Liturgy Sheet: green  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 2
Worship Recital: Shaune Whaley, soprano; Albert Falkove, viola and Esther Wideman, organ and piano  Notes: Shaune and Esther will perform solo arias by J.S. Bach and Jean Langlais (1907-1991) with viola obligato, in celebration of the centennial of the birth of Langlais.
Songfest: 114, 243, 4  Hymns: 18, 57, 210  Liturgy Sheet: yellow  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 3
Change Worship Series: Dr Lester Wright  Morning Topic: Rise and Eat: The Gospel to all -- and then what?   Notes: Peter's vision at lunch and its effect on the Church and discipling.
Songfest: 666, 642, 633  Hymns: 8, 627, 362  Liturgy Sheet: blue  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 4
Change Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson  Morning Topic: The Message and the Kingdom: How Jesus and Paul Ignited a Revolution and Transformed the Ancient World.   Notes: Based on a book by Richard Horsley and Neil Asher Silberman. Recent discoveries in the social history of early Christianity and how it helps us understand the social dyamics of Christ's and Paul's ministry.
Songfest: 285, 72, 326  Hymns: 70, 574, 348  Liturgy Sheet: pink  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 5
Summer 2007 Schedule
Ron Lawson's House, Kew Gardens, NY
Summer Home Meeting:   Notes: Call Ron at 718.441.7205 for location, directions and other information   Liturgy Sheet:
Terry and Jan Anderson's House, Bernardsville, NJ
Summer Home Meeting:   Notes: Call Terry or Jan at 908.766.4463 for location, directions and other information   Liturgy Sheet: