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Current Schedule of Meetings

We worship twice a month, usually on the first and third Sabbaths. On our first Sabbath most months we have a guest speaker along with an additional afternoon session at 2:15 as noted. All our services are at St Mary's Church (see Our Home) and start at 11 AM.
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Michael Schofield  Morning Topic: Pop Theology in Adventism A survey of many common doctrines which were never voted, but are widely believed in North American Adventism. These doctrines are taught implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) through religious instruction, sermons, creative expression (lyrics, art), and articles. Though church leaders would deny doing so, these doctrines govern much of the collective and individual thought and behavior. The most egregious may be that salvation is difficult, precarious, and God would rather not save you. Not sanctioned, but widely believed.   Afternoon Topic: How Adventism Has Changed Since WW2 The changes in Adventist institutions and culture since the 1940ís have been substantial and widespread. This talk illuminates the major changes in theology, polity, institutions, and culture (each in a separate section). We will look at changes in the economy and competition of major institutions, and changes of values in employment, education, and healthcare. We also look at how changes in the economic and cultural environment outside the church have influenced behavior inside the church. These include more mobility, and greater access to a variety of information and media. Finally, we will survey those scripts, behaviors, and ideas which have not changed.

Understanding these changes is important because many of the senior leaders of the church matured and were educated in the 1940ís, 1950ís, and even 1960ís, when the values and norms of thought and behavior were much different from today. Hence, their world views are likely to be different from those of young people today.   Bio: Adventist Forum activist and eager scholar from Southern California
Songfest: 423, 94, 148  Hymns: 96, 156, 348  Liturgy Sheet: Blue  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 16

Member Speaker: Joseph Tse-Hei Lee  Morning Topic: Christianity and US-China Relations in the Global South   Bio: Joseph Tse-Hei Lee was raised in Hong Kong and has travelled and researched extensively in China. He has a Ph.D. in history from the University of London, and is a professor of history at Pace University in Manhattan.
Songfest: 103, 151, 221  Hymns: 1, 510, 374  Scripture Sheet: Pentacost 17
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: CHANGE Curt VanderWaal  Morning Topic: Creating Generous Spaces for LGBT Students in Adventist Universities   Afternoon Topic: Sex, Drugs, and Church Attendence: SDA millennial findings from university surveys.   Bio: Curt is Chair and professor of Social Work at Andrews University   Notes: Our originally scheduled speaker, Gottfried Oosterwal, was not able to come this fall and is being rescheduled for next spring.
Songfest: 565, 12, 229  Hymns: 370, 355, 358  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 19
Member Speaker: Ed Samuel  Morning Topic: Ed has been re-reading Ellenís Whiteís Education, and will address some of the issues she raised there.   Bio: Ed is an architect, chemist and our resident philosopher
Songfest: 44, 79, 199  Hymns: 91, 188, 574  Scripture Sheet: Pentacost 21
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Alex Carpenter  Theme for Day: Thank God for Church Politics?: The GC Session, Globalization and Progress.   Bio: Alex is a former PUC professor of visual arts and member of the Adventist Forum board. Alex was the chief creator and manager for the first several years of the Spectrum Blog. He was one of the reporters for SPECTRUM at the GC Session in San Antonio in July. He will share his analysis of the dynamics and events there with us.
Songfest: 3, 285, 330  Hymns: 80, 627, 100  Scripture Sheet: Pentecost 24
Member Speaker: Pastor Steven Siciliano  Morning Topic: Communion Service   Bio: Steven is our favorite pastor
Songfest: 662, 227, 223  Hymns: 229, 197, 232  Scripture Sheet: Pentacost Last
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Herb Montgomery  Morning Topic: Jesus and the Liberation of the Oppressed (Luke 4:18)   Afternoon Topic: The Gospel of the Resurrection (Acts 13:32,33)   Bio: Herb Montgomery is author, speaker and director of Renewed Heart Ministries, a not-for-profit ministry passionately working toward Jesusí Nonkyriarchal, Nonhomogenous "Shared Table" as a means of Nonviolently Confronting, Liberating and Transforming our world, until the only world that remains is a world where Love reigns. Herb currently resides in West Virginia where he finds his greatest joy in spending time with his best friend Crystal and their three beautiful children Alexis, Emarya, and Christian. You can find out more at

Herb is not an Adventist, but he speaks a lot to Adventist audiences and congregations. Ron Lawson had the privilege of hearing him speak daily for a week in July, and what he learned from Herb changed his thinking and life in important ways. He recommends him to you with enthusiasm.
Songfest: 506, 511, 215  Hymns: 498, 484, 510  Scripture Sheet: Advent 2

Hartsdale SDA Church
Special:   Morning Topic: Christmas Service: This year we will join the Hartsdale SDA church for its annual Christmas Celebration.   Notes: The program will begin at 11:00 am with a worship service that highlights the meaning of Christmas, followed by a festive lunch and, immediately afterwards at 2:15 pm, a celebration of Christmas through hymn singing, recitations and vocal solos, as well as classical guitar and violin performances. The Hartsdale Church is located at 50 Columbia Avenue in Hartsdale, NY 10530.
Songfest: 115, 120, 125 - or as announced  Hymns: 119, 136, 122 - or as announced  Scripture Sheet: Advent 4
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Andy Lampkin, PhD  Theme for Day: Adventism and the Common Good: How Faith Intersects with Truth and Life.   Bio: Andy is Associate Professor of Social Ethics in the School of Religion, Loma Linda University.
Songfest: 70, 152, 574  Hymns: 116, 575, 581  Liturgy Sheet: Blue  Scripture Sheet: Epiphany 1
Member Speaker: Ed Samuel  Morning Topic: TBA   Bio: Ed is an architect, chemist and our resident philosopher
Songfest: 577, 580, 593  Hymns: 84, 587, 583  Liturgy Sheet: Pink  Scripture Sheet: Epiphany 3
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Karl Bailey  Morning Topic: Morning -- Delight or Distractions? How internalization of Sabbath-Keeping is Related to Well-Being   Afternoon Topic: Rich Young Ruler Effects: Why Motivation Matters   Bio: Karl is a Professor of Psychology in the Behavioral Sciences Department at Andrews University, and the director of the undergraduate Behavioral Neuroscience Program. A cognitive psychologist by training, Dr. Bailey also works with his research students on questions about art and vision, attention, self-control, and the relationship between religious belief and motivation. Dr. Bailey teaches courses in cognitive psychology, learning and behavior, psychology and the brain, research methods, cognitive science and faith, and the statistical programming language R.
Songfest: 326, 384, 393  Hymns: 3, 382, 3909  Liturgy Sheet: white  Scripture Sheet: Epiphany 5
Member Speaker: Christie Chui-Shan Chow  Morning Topic: The Raising of Lazarus from the Dead as Prototypical   Bio: Christie obtained her Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminaryís Program of Religion and Society in 2015. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, and has studied extensively in China.   Notes: She recently revisited the story of the resurrection of Lazarus in the Gospel of John and is excited to share her thoughts with the Forum. What message did the evangelist want to convey to the Johannine community through the story of Lazarus? Why was the theme of resurrection so important to the early church? Apart from Jesusís power of raising the dead, His Christological identity, and the critique to the unbelieving Jews, what more can we learn from the Lazarus story? In what sense is this story still relevant to our modern Christian life? Please read John 11:1-44 and be prepared to share.
Songfest: 99, 101, 104  Hymns: 25, 493, 223  Liturgy Sheet: Yellow  Scripture Sheet: Lent 2
11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Gill Valentine and Kendra Haloviak-Valentine  Morning Topic: Kendra: God on the Move: The First Gospel and the Advent Movement This is a study on the Syrophonecian Woman   Afternoon Topic: Gil: Secrets of Love and Life in the E. G. White House: Men Lost and Found   Bio: Gil and Kendra, who are married, are members of the faculty of La Sierra University in California.

Gil is professor and chair of the Department of Administration and Leadership.† He has both taught and served in senior administration in Adventist higher education in Pakistan, England, Thailand, and Australia, as well as in his home country, New Zealand.† He has written extensively in the area of Adventist history.† His publications include W.W. Prescott:† Forgotten Giant of Adventismís Second Generation (2005) and The Prophet and the Presidents:† Ellen Whiteís Influence on the Leadership of the Early Seventh-day Adventist Church (2011).

Kendra is an associate professor of New Testament studies in the H. M. S. Richards Divinity School.† Her recent publications include ďThe Book of Revelation,Ē in The Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics (2011) and Signs to Life:† Reading and Responding to Johnís Gospel (2013).
Songfest: 494, 499, 523  Hymns: 10, 197, 33  Liturgy Sheet: Green  Scripture Sheet: Lent 4

Holy Week/Easter Musical Special: TBA  Morning Topic: Details to follow
Songfest: 154, 157, 164  Hymns: 156, 158, 162  Liturgy Sheet: White  Scripture Sheet: Palm Sunday
11:00 & 2:15
Hardsdale SDA Church
Guest Speaker: Loren Seibel  Morning Topic: The Small Church Hope   Afternoon Topic: The Suzy Principle click to see Loren's comments   Bio: Loren is the new editor of Adventist Today and a paster in Ohio.   Notes: Both services today are being shared with the Hartsdale SDA Church and will be held at the Hartsdale Church located at 50 Columbia Avenue in Hartsdale, NY 10530.

For those of you driving, take exit 15 off the northbound Bronx River Pkwy or exit 16 from southbound, take Fenimore Rd west to E Hartsdale Ave. Take that north to Columbia Av and that north to the church. There is a MetroNorth train to the Hartsdale Station, about a half mile walk from the church.

Member Speaker: Sylvia Hordosch  Morning Topic: The (un)bearable tension of being an Adventist and a feminist   Bio: Sylvia is a third generation Adventist from Austria, who has worked for the last 15 years at the United Nations on gender equality issues.
Songfest: 319, 330, 331  Hymns: 23, 99, 100  Liturgy Sheet: White
11:00 & 2:15
Member Speaker (but all day): Dr Ron Lawson  Morning Topic: Man Created God in his own Image   Afternoon Topic: The Sabbath in a Round World   Bio: Ron is Emeritus President of the Forum which he lead as President for over 30 years. He is also Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Queens College. He is now living in North Carolina where he continues work on his book, a study of global Adventism, Apocalypse Postponed, and attends the First Sabbath Forum services over the internet.   Notes: You will discover that the two topics are linked. Ron looks forward to being with us again - in person.
Songfest: 190, 156, 262  Hymns: 91, 96, 414  Liturgy Sheet: Green
Member Speaker: CHANGE: Robert Matthews  Morning Topic: Know Your Rights   Notes: Read notes from Robert. CHANGE OF DATE for annual meeting. It will now be held on Jun 18.
Songfest: 191, 197, 199  Hymns: 27, 666, 350  Liturgy Sheet: Yellow
Guest Speaker: Rene Drumm
Songfest: 103, 112, 113  Hymns: 60, 355, 362  Liturgy Sheet: Blue
Member Speaker: Tim Amukele  Morning Topic: TBD   Bio: Tim is a former member now living in Baltimore so we do not see him as much as we like. Tim is Asst Prof in Pathology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as well as a wonderful musician. He has done some recent research on delivery of drugs by drone for remote or faster delivery and whether the trip affects the quality of the drug. He was interviewed about his work on CNN's VitalSigns in January. He also released a CD of his music entitled Night Songs in Nov 2015, available on Amazon and elsewhere.   Notes: CHANGE OF DATE: The Forum annual meeting will be held immediately after the service. Come with ideas for next year.
Songfest: 499. 498, 495  Hymns: 494, 503, 506  Liturgy Sheet: Pink