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Current Schedule of Meetings

We have a presentation and discussion once a month, usually on the second Sabbath. Most of our meetings are at St Mary's Church (see Our Home) and start at 2:00 PM but watch the schedule for exceptions.
2:00 PM
St Mary's
Guest Speaker: Yi Shen Ma  Theme for Day: The Path of Peace in a Time of Nationalism   Bio: Yi Shen Ma is Associate Pastor of L.A. Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church and a Ph.D. candidate at Claremont School of Theology. He is also an adjunct professor of religion at La Sierra University. Prior to this, he served in the United States Navy as a religious program specialist and volunteered as development director of Adventist Peace Fellowship. His research focuses on the theology of the common good and Christian social witness in a secular world.   Notes: We will start with a potluck lunch and begin the lecture and discussion between 2:30 and 3:00
11:30 and 3:00 PM
Church of the Advent Hope
Guest Speaker: John McClarty  Morning Topic: TBD Joining with Advent Hope morning service   Afternoon Topic: Working Toward Heaven: Spirituality for people with Adventist histories and secular convictions   Bio: John is pastor of the Green Lake SDA Church in Seattle, WA.   Notes: John is coming to Advent Hope to help them celebrate an anniversary and we are joining with them in the morning and will hold an afternoon meeting with him at Advent Hope.

John's comments on his afternoon presentation: I mine my own Adventist heritage for earthy habits—behaviors—that tend toward bliss and compassion. These behaviors include outward actions like Sabbath keeping, contemplation, meditation, charitable giving and inner behaviors like the deliberate cultivation of specific forms of imagination and valuing. I will touch on the theology/ideology that undergirds my practice, but the primary focus will be on habits of body and mind.

The Forum members are invited to a potluck lunch at 1:00 hosted by Advent Hope and they say we do not need to bring food.

2:00 PM
St Mary's
Guest Speaker: Dr Geomon George  Theme for Day: Reading the Bible in a Global City   Bio: Rev. Dr. Geomon George is an ordained minister in the India Pentecostal Church (an indegenious church organization in India) who serves as the pastor of the International Gospel Church of Connecticut. He is also a faculty member at the City Seminary of New York. Geomon earned his PhD from the university of Edinburgh. He is also the president of the International Gospel Church, a Christian mission organization in India. Geomon is the author of the book, Religious Pluralism : Challenges for Pentecostalism in India, and a contributor to many books and articles. He is presently engaged in writing and research in the area of Diaspora studies.   Notes: Remember, we start with a potluck at 2 PM with lecture and discussion to follow
2:00 PM
St Mary's
Member Speaker: Christie Chui-Shan Chow  Theme for Day: Christie will talk about her religion-related experiences during her recent trip to China.   Bio: Christie obtained hjer PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary's program of Religion and Society in 2015. She was born and raised in Hong Kong and has studied extensively in China.   Notes: The talk by Dr Margaret Christian originally schedule for this month is being delayed until Jan 13 due to illness.
2:00 PM
St Mary's
Member Speaker: Margaret Christian  Theme for Day: Spirit and Society in 1550 and 2017: What the World Needs, Then and Now.   Bio: Dr. Margaret Christian is Associate Professor of English at the Pennsylvania State University, Lehigh Valley Campus. Her articles have appeared in Studies in Philology, Christianity and Literature, Sixteenth Century Studies, and Spenser Studies, among other journals. Her book Spenserian Allegory and Elizabethan Biblical Exegesis was recently published by Manchester University Press (2016). Margaret teaches first-year and advanced composition and many literature classes, including Bible as Literature, Shakespeare (to English majors as well as to undergraduates meeting general education requirements), The Short Story, and British Literature to 1798. A current interest is moving literature classes online while promoting her students’ sense of intellectual community and discovery.

A fourth-generation Adventist, Margaret, like both her parents, was born at the White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. She graduated from Loma Linda Academy in 1976 and from La Sierra University in 1980 with a B.A. in English. She returned to Los Angeles to earn her M.A. and Ph.D. in English from UCLA, then moved to Pennsylvania in 1986. She is currently a member of the Allentown SDA Church, where she serves the Primary Sabbath School and Women's Ministry.   Notes: This talk was rescheduled from Dec 2 due to illness and continues her talk that she started Jun 15. Her talk examines Edwardian court sermons for their 21st century resonances. It's based on her Spectrum blog post

Our originally scheduled speaker, Jennifer Lin, will be reschedule for next fall and the discussion of Ron Lawson's paper to be lead by Ed Samuel will be scheduled for later in the year.

Remember, we start with a potluck at 2 PM with lecture and discussion to follow.

2:00 PM
St Mary's
Guest Speaker: Pastor Ryan Myers  Theme for Day: Pentecost   Bio: Ryan is the senior pastor of Vineyard One NYC, a church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Vineyard One is a part of God’s diverse family, creatively carrying on the work of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Born into a Nazarene family, investigating everything Christian from Quakerism to Pentecostalism briefly, and nearly ordained in the Presbyterian Church (PCA), Ryan has now found his spiritual home in the Vineyard.

While not pastoring, Ryan teaches English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) to immigrants in Queens. Prior to assuming his pastoral role at Vineyard One, Ryan had served as Executive Director for Prison Fellowship’s NY chapter and as the Program Director at the Bowery Mission Transitional Center. He earned his MA in Urban Mission at Westminster Theological Seminary through City Seminary of New York and his MA in Biblical Counseling through Colorado Christian University, where he studied under Larry Crabb and Dan Allender.

Ryan has been married to Carrie for 19 years and together they have three children whom they are extravagantly proud of.   Notes: Remember, we start with a potluck at 2 PM with lecture and discussion to follow

2:00 PM
St Mary's
CANCELLED: Erin Raffety, PhD  Theme for Day: Dignifying Difference: From Inclusion to Discipleship   Afternoon Topic: Erin Raffety, PhD   Bio: An advocate for people with disabilities, Erin Raffety is a Lecturer in Youth, Church, and Culture in the Department of Practical Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. She serves as the Associate Pastor for Outreach and Education at Grace Presbyterian Church in Kendall Park, NJ and earned her MDiv from Princeton Seminary and PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Princeton University. Her book, Families We Need is based on ethnographic research in China with foster families raising children with disabilities. Her current research and writing considers intersections of anthropology, disability studies, and ministry.   Notes: Due to a family emergency, our speaker Erin Raffety cannot be with us and so we are cancelling this service. We will try to reschedule her lecture at a later time.

From the speaker: So often approaches to ministry for people with disabilities focus on the importance of inclusion without recognizing the gifts for ministry and promise of discipleship they already bring to those around them. How do we grapple with the very real, practical, structural and systemic barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities and move beyond the limits that approaches like inclusion place on people with disabilities’ opportunities to lead, contribute, and grow in the church? In this session, Rev. Dr. Raffety will speak from her anthropological fieldwork, ministry, and personal experience with people with disabilities in order to reflect on how God sees our differences, how we can learn to see differently, and in so doing, how we can better experience and embrace not just the fullness of humanity but the fullness of God.

Remember, we start with a potluck at 2 PM with lecture and discussion to follow

11:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Hartsdale SDA Church
Guest Speaker: Shane Akerman  Theme for Day: How Can Three Persons be One God?: Monotheism and the Doctrine of the Trinity   Bio: Born and raised in Salem, Oregon. Did undergraduate studies at Southern Adventist University. Completed a MA in Ethics and New Testaments studies from Claremont School of Theology, a MA in Theology from La Sierra. I am currently writing my doctoral dissertation at Claremont Graduate University in the Philosophy of Religion and Theology program. My dissertation is on the relationship between the doctrine of the Trinity and political theology.   Notes: Note change of location and time

After the 11:00 service there will be a potluck lunch and then after lunch more discussion with the speaker

2:00 PM
St Mary's
Guest Speaker: Kevin Burton  Theme for Day: God's Last Choice: Adventists, Fundamentalism, and Gender / Making Better (White) People: Adventists, Eugenics, and Race.   Bio: Kevin M. Burton (M.A. Andrews University, 2015) is a Ph.D. student in the American Religious History program at Florida State University. His research concentrates on Seventh-day Adventist history, with particular interest in the issue of authority. He has lectured at Andrews University and filmed a series of lectures on reading historical shorthand for an online course. He currently teaches courses in American religious history at Florida State University. He has presented several papers at scholarly conventions and published a number of critical book reviews. His M.A. thesis is titled, “Centralized for Protection: George I. Butler and His Philosophy of One-Person Leadership” and his published articles include: “God’s Last Choice: Overcoming Ellen White’s Gender and Women in Ministry During the Fundamentalist Era,” Spectrum; “An Adventist Gentleman in Battle Creek: The Leadership of Jotham M. Aldrich, 1866-1868,” Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary; “Wolcott Hackley Littlejohn: Defender of the Faith,” Andrews University Seminary Student Journal. Some forthcoming publications include a book chapter (co-authored with John W. Reeve) for a volume on hell, titled, “Eternally At One: Origen’s ‘Fullness’ and Ellen G. White’s ‘Harmony’ Describe the Eternal Relationship Between God, Humans, and the Whole of His Creation” and an article tentatively titled, “Cracking the Whip to Make a Perfect Church: The Unholy Cleansing of the ‘Adventist Temple’ in Battle Creek on April 6, 1870.” He lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with his wife Sarah, daughter Adelia, and dog Rouge.   Notes: Remember, we start with a potluck at 2 PM with lecture and discussion to follow
1:00 PM
Change: St Mary's
Annual Meeting:   Theme for Day: Planning for Next Year
2:00 PM
St Mary's
Guest Speaker: Janice McLean-Farrell, PhD  Theme for Day: Embracing Antioch: Finding where God is at work and joining God there   Bio: Janice McLean-Farrell, was born and raised in Jamaica. She earned a Ph.D. in Divinity from the University of Edinburgh and is the Dirk Romeyn professor of Metro-Urban Ministries at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Janice is passionate about equipping God's people as they live out their faith in in their daily lives. Her work as a scholar and in church ministry is dedicated to accomplishing this task. Janice has served as a commissioned pastor of a Christian Reform Church in New York as well as Retreat/seminar speaker on numerous occasions. She is also the editor of two books on World Christianity and the contemporary church and author of West Indian Pentecostals:Living their Faith in New York and London as well as several articles on immigrant churches, the Caribbean, and youth. Janice lives in Harlem with her husband and children.   Notes: Remember, we start with a potluck at 2 PM with lecture and discussion to follow
2:00 PM
Janet Schultz Home
: Elena Siciliano  Theme for Day: Introduction to the General Conference (of SDA) Nutrition Council   Notes: We will start with a potluck lunch at 2 PM and then hear Elena's report. The GC Nutrition Council makes policy recommendation about diet-related issues that pertain to the church, everything from fad diets to protein needs to how to organize fellowship lunches. Elena has been a council member for more than 25 years. Contact Janet at for directions.
2:00 PM
Advent Hope
: Pedrito Maynard-Reid, Th.D  Morning Topic: Justice: An Act of Salvation   Afternoon Topic: Present Truth: Relevant Theologizing   Bio: Pedrito Maynard-Reid is Assistant to the President of Walla Walla University for Diversity. He was the Vice President for Spiritual Life and Mission at Walla Walla College for 10 years prior to this appointment. He has also been Professor of Biblical Studies and Missiology in the School of Theology since 1990. For 15 years he served at Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica in a number of capacities, including Professor of Biblical Studies, Chair of the Department of Religion, Director of Religious Affairs, and Pastor of the University Church. He also served in similar positions in Puerto Rico, at Antillian University in the late 1980s. In addition to his theological training, Pedrito is an accomplished musician with degrees in piano performance from Schools of Music in the United Kingdom.

He is the author of many publications. His published books include: Poverty and Wealth in the Epistle of James (Orbis Press); A Commentary on the Epistle of James (Pacific Press); Complete Evangelism (Herald Press); and Diverse Worship: African American, Caribbean & Hispanic Perspectives (InterVarsity Press). He is one of the authors of the Andrews Study Bible; and is presently writing another commentary on James for the SDA International Bible Commentary series to be published by Pacific Press Publishing Association.

To serve the marginal, the weak, and the less fortunate, and helping them to a better life and a more fulfilling existence, both here and globally, is what he lives and strives for.   Notes: Also speaking at the 9 and 11 AM services