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Current Schedule of Meetings

We worship twice a month, usually on the first and third Sabbaths. On our first Sabbath most months we have a guest speaker along with an additional afternoon session at 2:15 as noted. All our services are at St Mary's Church (see Our Home) and start at 11 AM.
Spring 2017 Schedule
11:00 & 2:15
Hartsdale SDA Church
Member Speaker: Steve Siciliano  Theme for Day: Paradigms Lost   Morning Topic: Big Salvation   Afternoon Topic: Mundane Religion   Bio: Steven Siciliano holds an MDiv degree from Andrews University and serves as part-time pastor with the Greater New York Conference, overseeing the Hartsdale SDA Church in Westchester County. He also works weekdays as a project coordinator at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, where he is finishing a second master’s degree, in Community Health Education.   Notes: Our understanding of God and the religious life, like everything else, depends on the era of history in which we live. As Western Christians and heirs of the Protestant Reformation, our understanding of the bible has a distinct shape in which individual-centered teachings stand out above others. Today’s set of two messages, titled, “Paradigms Lost,” will highlight a few other overlooked but complementary biblical themes. The morning presentation, titled, “Big Salvation” will introduce the intended global scope of the gospel while the afternoon presentation, “Mundane Religion” will suggest ways in which Christian religious experience should extend to our practical life in the outer world.
Musical Service: Everyone  Morning Topic: A Celebration of Easter - We will be reading scripture and singing hymns to celebrate Holy Week.
11:00 & 2:15
Member Speaker: [change]Jeannine Bookhardt-Murray  Theme for Day: Mr. Jake and the Red Sea   Bio: Jeannine was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and raised in Denver, Colorado. She received her Bachelor's degree from Andrews University and her Medical Doctorate Degree from University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Her desire to work in an inner city led her to New York for residency at Harlem Hospital. She is Board Certified Internal Medicine and nationally recognized HIV Specialist. As the Chief Medical Officer at Harlem United her responsibilities include supervision of two busy clinical practices. Harlem United specializes in care for people with HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, transgender care and other marginalized populations.

Although a 4th generation SDA she was out of the church for over 25 years. She gave her heart to God in 2004 and was rebaptized in 2007. She is married to James Briggs Murray, the former curator of the Moving Image and Recorded Sound Division at the NY Public Library's Schomburg Center in Harlem. It is always a special joy when she speaks to us.   Notes: The theme is: forgiveness.

Guest Speaker and Annual Meeting: Carrie Myers  Morning Topic: Spiritual Direction and Ignatian Spirituality   Bio: Carrie Myers (MA/Ph.D. English and American Literature, New York University) is a writer, poet, educator, spiritual director, wife, and mother of three. Carrie has taught writing and literature or worked as a writing consultant at Hunter College, Barnard College, and NYU, and was most recently a faculty member and Writing Center Director at City Seminary of New York. Her poems have appeared in the journal Feminist Spaces and in exhibitions at the Walls-Ortiz Gallery and Center in Harlem. She is the author of a children's book, What about Beethoven (Scholastic), and a chapter ("A Ninja, A Nun, and a Knight: Christianity and Narrative Mischief in Brian Meehl's You Don't Know About Me, Suck it Up, and Suck it Up and Die") in a forthcoming book on young adult literature and religion (McFarland Press, Ed. Jacob Stratman).

Carrie is studying to become a licensed spiritual director at the School of Sustainable Faith, and is a member of Spiritual Director's International (SDI). She and her husband are church planters with the Vineyard Association of Churches, and currently lead Vineyard One NYC, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.   Notes: Annual Meeting The Forum Annual Meeting will follow immediately after the service. Bring your lunch. We will send out a questionaire before the meeting so members can think about the issues.

11:00 & 2:15
Guest Speaker: Ron Lawson  Morning Topic: Expecting the End: How Soon is "Soon"?   Afternoon Topic: Are you Ready for Jesus to Come? Awaiting Christ's Return   Bio: Ron is a "Guest" only because he now resides too far to attend regularly. And we are glad when he can return for a visit and speak to us. Ron was the President and leading force of Forum for most of its existance, but a few years ago moved to North Carolina where he is starting a Forum clone. Ron retired as Emeritus Professor of Sociology from Queens College where one of his specialties was Sociology of Religion. He is completing a book: a socialogical study of global Adventism.
11:00 & 2:15
Member Speaker: Margaret Christian  Morning Topic: God's Courtesy: Biblical Sources for a 16th Century Virtue   Afternoon Topic: TBD   Bio: Dr. Margaret Christian is Associate Professor of English at the Pennsylvania State University, Lehigh Valley Campus. Her articles have appeared in Studies in Philology, Christianity and Literature, Sixteenth Century Studies, and Spenser Studies, among other journals. Her book Spenserian Allegory and Elizabethan Biblical Exegesis was recently published by Manchester University Press (2016).

Margaret teaches first-year and advanced composition and many literature classes, including Bible as Literature, Shakespeare (to English majors as well as to undergraduates meeting general education requirements), The Short Story, and British Literature to 1798. A current interest is moving literature classes online while promoting her students’ sense of intellectual community and discovery.

A fourth-generation Adventist, Margaret, like both her parents, was born at the White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. She graduated from Loma Linda Academy in 1976 and from La Sierra University in 1980 with a B.A. in English. She returned to Los Angeles to earn her M.A. and Ph.D. in English from UCLA, then moved to Pennsylvania in 1986. She is currently a member of the Allentown SDA Church, where she serves the Primary Sabbath School and Women's Ministry.