Metro New York Adventist Forum
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Mailing Addr: 115-25 Curzon Rd., Kew Gardens, NY 10418

Current Schedule of Meetings

We have a presentation and discussion once a month, usually on the second Sabbath. Most of our meetings are at St Mary's Church (see Our Home) and start at 2:00 PM but watch the schedule for exceptions.
Spring 2018 Schedule
11:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Hartsdale SDA Church
Guest Speaker: Shane Akerman  Theme for Day: How Can Three Persons be One God?: Monotheism and the Doctrine of the Trinity   Bio: Born and raised in Salem, Oregon. Did undergraduate studies at Southern Adventist University. Completed a MA in Ethics and New Testaments studies from Claremont School of Theology, a MA in Theology from La Sierra. I am currently writing my doctoral dissertation at Claremont Graduate University in the Philosophy of Religion and Theology program. My dissertation is on the relationship between the doctrine of the Trinity and political theology.   Notes: Note change of location and time

After the 11:00 service there will be a potluck lunch and then after lunch more discussion with the speaker

2:00 PM
St Mary's
Guest Speaker: Kevin Burton  Theme for Day: God's Last Choice: Adventists, Fundamentalism, and Gender / Making Better (White) People: Adventists, Eugenics, and Race.   Notes: Remember, we start with a potluck at 2 PM with lecture and discussion to follow
2:00 PM
St Mary's
Guest Speaker: Janice McLean, PhD  Theme for Day: TBD   Bio: Dr McLean comes to us from the City Seminary of New York   Notes: Remember, we start with a potluck at 2 PM with lecture and discussion to follow