Metro New York Adventist Forum
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Mailing Addr: 115-25 Curzon Rd., Kew Gardens, NY 10418

Current Schedule of Meetings

We have a presentation and discussion once a month, usually on the second Sabbath. Most of our meetings are at St Mary's Church (see Our Home) and start at 2:00 PM but watch the schedule for exceptions.
Winter 2019 Schedule
2:00 PM
St. Mary's
Guest Speaker: Dr Hermann Kuman  Afternoon Topic: What, divine delay?   Bio: He was born and grew up in Accra, Ghana, studied to be a pastor and evangelist at the Adventist Seminary of West Africa (now Bapcock University Nigeria), obtained a Doctorate in Religion in SDA Seminary in Michigan, and served in various administrative, pastoral, evangelist, and educational roles in the SDA Church. He helped establish and ministered at the First Ghana SDA Church in The Bronx, NYC. He was retired in June 2017.
2:00 PM
Advent Hope
Guest Speaker: Drs Kendra and Gilbert Valentine  Afternoon Topic: TBA   Bio: TBA   Notes: Drs Valentine will also be speaking at 9 and 11 AM services at Advent Hope. There will be NO potluck.
2:00 PM
St. Mary's
Guest Speaker: Dr Carrie Myers  Afternoon Topic: Navigating the Stages of Faith   Bio: Carrie Myers is a writer, poet, and spiritual director. She and her husband lead Vineyard One NYC, a small, diverse church community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have three children (and a guinea pig!). She has a Ph.D. in English and American Literature from New York Unversity and has taught at NYU, Barnard College, Hunter College, and City Seminary of New York. She is a licensed spiritual director through the School of Sustainable Faith. She writes about spiritual direction, faith, family, and life in the city at her blog, “Ravished by Light” (   Notes: Have you ever felt stuck in your spiritual or personal development, or seen someone else flounder? Understanding the stages of faith can help you make sense of your spiritual journey up to this point, identify the factors that are keeping you from growing, and help you move towards inner freedom and the fullness of who God has created you to be.

What are the stages of faith? How do we recognize where we are on the journey? How can we be present to others at their stage? How do churches and spiritual leaders help and hinder faith progression? What kind of prayer life supports growth?

This presentation will bring together ideas from Stages of Faith: A Critical Journey by Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich, Ignatian spirituality, Henri Nouwen’s writings on prayer, spiritual direction, and (if time permits) the Enneagram personality typing system. It will include a time of guided prayer and reflection.

Beginning with this service and future services at St Mary's, the Forum will provide lunch for those attending, catered by Ollie's, but you must inform Janet (347-233-0126) before Saturday morning with the food you want (select from Ollie's website ). Lunch will be at 2:00 with presentation and discussion after lunch.