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Current Schedule of Meetings

We have a presentation and discussion once a month, usually on the second Sabbath. Most of our meetings are at St Mary's Church (see Our Home) and start at 2:00 PM but watch the schedule for exceptions.
2:00 PM
Advent Hope
Guest Speaker: Dr James Hayward  Morning Topic: FROM BIRDING TO HEALTH: ADVENTIST ENGAGEMENT WITH NATURE   Afternoon Topic: THE MYTH OF DISCRETE CATEGORIES: HUMAN DIVERSITY AND POTENTIAL   Bio: is a professor emeritus of biology at Andrews University where he taught for 30 years. Before joining the Andrews faculty, he taught at Southwestern Adventist University, Union College, and Walla Walla University. He has published more than 70 scientific papers on ornithology, behavioral ecology, and paleontology, and he has contributed numerous articles to Adventist publications. His book The Creation-Evolution Controversy: An Annotated Bibliography (Scarecrow Press, 1998) won a Choice award from the American Library Association. He also edited Creation Reconsidered: Scientific, Biblical, and Theological Perspectives (Association of Adventist Forums, 2000). He and his wife, Shandelle Henson, a mathematical ecologist, study the effects of climate change on seabirds and coordinate the Seabird Ecology Team at Andrews University.   Notes: Note about morning presentation: Seventh-day Adventists enjoy strong connections with the natural world. William Miller was a farmer, as was Hiram Edson. Joseph Bates was a sea captain. Ellen White grew up in a small town, but she loved nature and frequently referred to the natural world in her writings. For an apocalyptic group hoping for a “better land,” Adventists nonetheless focused a great deal on “this land.” Their interest in nature led to fascinations with biology, geology, hiking, camping, birding, natural remedies, and the establishment of institutions in rural settings. This presentation will explore the Adventist nature tradition, consider its historical context, and evaluate the impact of this tradition on Adventist participation in the wider culture.

Note about afternoon presentation: Saint and sinner. Man and woman. Adventist and non-Adventist. Believer and unbeliever. Saved and lost. Sacred and secular. Liberal and conservative. Ordained and non-ordained. Humans like to pigeonhole. Reality, however, rarely occurs in discrete categories. Indeed, much of creation is best represented by statistical distributions, not discrete categories. An important corollary is that often there is more variation within a group than between groups. This fact carries important implications for how we view “truth,” how we value one another, how we manage organizations, and how we think about “unity” and “diversity.” Following a consideration of natural distributions, measures of central tendency, variability, and human diversity, we will open a discussion of this topic as it relates to Christianity and Adventism.

Dr Hayward will also speak for the regular morning services at 9 and 11:30. Then Forum will take its members out to lunch before the presentation at 2 PM.

2:00 PM
St. Mary's
Guest Speaker: Dr Michael Campbell  Afternoon Topic: The Haunting of the 1919 Bible Conference: The Ghosts of Adventist Interpretation   Bio: Michael W. Campbell, Ph.D., is associate professor of Religion at Southwestern Adventist University. He is an ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister and most recently served for six years as a missionary training pastors at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in the Philippines. He has published numerous popular and peer-reviewed journal articles about theology and religious history. He served as assistant editor of The Ellen G. White Encyclopedia (Review and Herald, 2013), and editor of The Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary. Some of his recent books include Here We Stand: Luther, the Reformation and Seventh-day Adventism (Pacific Press, 2017), The Pocket Dictionary of Ellen G. White (Pacific Press, 2018), and 1919: The Untold Story of Adventism’s Struggle with Fundamentalism (Pacific Press, 2019).   Notes: The Forum will also hold its annual meeting at 12 noon, come and bring suggestions for topics next year.

The Forum will provide lunch for those attending, catered by Ollie's, but you must inform Janet (347-233-0126) before Saturday morning with the food you want (select from Ollie's website ). Lunch will be at 1:00 with presentation and discussion at 2:00.

2:00 PM
St. Mary's
NO MEETING:   Notes: There will not be a Forum Meeting in June. Our next meeting will be in September.