New Series on Ethics

Lead by Terry Anderson

Forum is returning to weekly meetings in the Fall of 2000 and so we have many additional services to plan.  This is an opportunity to plan some services on new topics or new styles of services to better meet the needs of the members.  Our current plan is to involve more informal discussion on topics of interest and, in some cases, to have a series of discussions on related topics.  Terry Anderson, has agreed to plan services for the third Sabbath of each month and here is a description of this current plans for the 2000/2001 Forum year.

Series Handouts

Handouts for sessions so far.

Practical Ethics

We'll start with one session introducing ethics: history, terminology, methods, some primary schools of thought, and key ethicists.  This will give us a foundation for subsequent sessons that will focus on particular ethical challanges in life:

Ethics and Business Practice - how can you be ethical and stay in business

Ethics and Lawyers - how can a lawyer be ethical and defend someone who is guity - how can a lawyer defend the client by trying to prevent the truth from being fully known.

Ethics and Family Relations - how does ethics apply to husband-wife, parent-child or other family relationships?  Is it every more ethical to lie or hide the truth.

Ethics and Gender

Ethics and Public Policy - society's treatment of poor and homeless, developing nations, race relations, etc.

Ethics and Sexuality

Ethics and Access to Health Care - insurance, organ transplants, public payment for costly procedures, triage,

Ethics and Euthenasia - assisted suicide, living wills, ...

Ethics of Medical Experiments - drug testing, experimental procedures, testing on animals

Ethics and the End of Life

Ethics and the Environment

Ethics and Technology

Ethics and War

In some cases we will find an expert or person who faces these issues personally to help introduce the topic (a lawyer, a business owner, ...) but we will reserve the majority of the time for discussion.  It is hoped that this format can appeal to those who want to address it philosophically as well as those who want to address it practically and personally, with the hope that all will gain more appreciation for the issues and find direction for their own ethical decisions.

Some of these will need to be divided further into more than one session.  This series will probably continue for more than one year, if members want it to continue.  I will certainly be open to suggestions of areas of ethics to be covered, changing the focus or moving to an entirely different topic if the members desire.  In fact, I would appreciate any input into priority on application areas.

My series will also include some sessions continuing the Church History Series - probably 4 history, 6 ethics in the first year.

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