First Order of Worship (The Green Sheet)

(Compiled by Ron Lawson)

Organ Prelude
Songfest (See announcement page for list of hymns)
Leader: speaking in the name of Christ Jesus:

[All stand]
All sing: Hymn 661 Schubert's Sanctus [in harmony]
All say

Leader: [read the Call to Worship set for the day]
Leader: [pray]
All say:

Opening Hymn [as listed on announcement page]
(Be seated)
Scripture readings [listed on announcement page]
Hymn of Meditation or Special Music: [as listed on announcement page]

Sermon, Discussion, or Worship Recital [see announcement page]

The Concerns & Prayers of Our Community

Leader: [Announcements]
All: Stand, form a circle, and then sing Merbecke's "Lord Have Mercy":

Leader: Let us all, in silence, confess our sins.
All say




Leader: Let us share our personal, communal, and social concerns with one another and with the Lord.
All: [a time of sharing]
Leader: [pray] [express unity in prayer by joining hands while we pray]
All say: [the Lord's Prayer]

Offering & Closing Hymn [see announcement sheet]

All join in the Benediction:

All sing: Shalom [Hymn 674] [Sing as a round, if possible]:

All be seated
Organ Meditation (remain seated)

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