If you live near New York City and are interested in attending our services, even occasionally you may request to be added to our meeting announcement mailing list.  Send us email.  There are no required membership dues to attend our services or be on the mailing list.

Three times a year we distribute a newsletter and our schedule for the following quarter. We have two methods of delivering our newsletters and schedules: email notice and US mail.  We prefer to send you an email notice when each quarter when the new schedule is available.  It contains a link to the schedule on our website which you can print for yourself and return anytime to get a new copy or check for changes.  If you are on our email list, you will also get occasional updates if we have a change or special notice. If you do not have access to email or a printer or find this inconvenient we are willing to print our schedule and send it by US mail for those that live in the local area.  If you send us email to join, please indicate which method of delivery you are requesting.

However, if you live too far away to attend our services and are simply interested seeing the list of our services, we ask that you do that here on our website or request to be added to our email notice list rather than asking us to mail copies to you.

Contributing Members


There are a variety of expenses we must meet to continue our mission: Only a fraction of these expenses can be covered by the offerings collected at our services.  The rest of our expenses must come from donations.  Many of our regularly attending members contribute monthly in addition to offerings.  Without such contributions we would not be able to continue this service to the students of the NYC area.

We want to invite others, even those that cannot attend our services, but who are concerned about the religious options for students of the NYC area to help continue our mission.  Help us stay in St. Paul's Chapel and continue to serve the needs of these students from NYC colleges and universities by joining as a contributing member of the Forum.


Contributions should be by check payable to: Metro New York Adventist Forum and sent to our Treasurer:

Terry L Anderson
24 Hill St
Bernardsville, NJ 07924-2707

Levels of Membership

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated but we will offer the following titled contribution levels:
Mailing List - NYC Area free; $5 / yr suggested
Friend $5 / yr (to be on our mailing list from outside the immediate area)
Contributing Member $25 / yr
Sustaining Member $50 / yr (cost of one ad, cost of one quarter's mailing)
Hosting Member $100 / yr (rent for one morning only service, average travel expense for on east coast speaker)
Grand Host $300 / yr (rent for one full day service)
Patron $500 / yr (average travel expenses for speaker not from east coast)

Help us continue to provide this service to the students of the NYC colleges and universities.

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