Music Instrument Fund
(Piano and Organ)

At our May 2004 business meeting we approved a plan to purchase a piano for St Mary's Church because it would greatly enhance our worship recitals and regular services and because it would be a great benefit to St Mary's that has provided us home.  We agreed that we would raise the money from extra donations and approved spending up to $10,000 for this purpose. 

In Aug 2004 we had a unique opportunity to purchase a very nice grand piano from an aging professional musician who had to move from her home and sell two pianos.  She was asking $20,000 for one of them and $3500 for the other, but because she was anxious to sell it quickly she offered the less expensive one to us for $1800 and even though our piano fund still had no contributions we decided to go ahead with the purchase on faith.  It was a much better piano than we had thought we could get and at a much lower price.  Moving and tuning the piano added quite a bit and so our total cost was $3670.  Still well below our approved limit of $10,000. 

We've all been enjoying this wonderful instrument used at most services and at our Thanksgiving and Easter Worship Recitals.  But now we must follow through with the donations to cover this cost and restore our reserve funds. 

In addition, the organ we all enjoy at St Mary's needs some minor work that St Mary's has not been able to accomplish.  It involves some adjustments, tuning and voicing, especially the foot pedals, some of which are mistuned by more than an entire pedal or two.  We need to complete this work before our Jun 25, 2005 concert by the organist Esther Wideman (its really unplayable for serious music).  Our May 2005 business meeting approved up to $300 for this purpose and proposed that we establish a "Music Instrument Fund" combining the piano and organ needs.  Rounding up a little, we wish to raise $4000 to restore the funds spent on the piano and the organ repair. 

As of June 13, 2005 we have only $200 in the fund, so we have a quite a ways to go.  Please consider making a special donation for this fund (please mark it on the check or include a note).  We need this in addition to your regular donations.  We'd like to complete this fund before the end or our 2005/2006 year (ie, before June 2006).  Please help us.


Some picture of the piano: