Forum News - Summer 2001

Ron Lawson, Chaplain

Dear Member
Though we do not hold weekly services during July and August, we will, as usual, have several meetings at member's homes.  This year we will have four summer meetings, second and fourth Sabbaths in July and second and fourth in August.   This year we have an additional host: Grace Fields and Eleanor Barba.  As usual, most services will be followed by a potluck lunch -- bring something to contribute if you can.  But Grace says that she and Eleanor will provide all the food so you do not need to bring food to her place July 14.

Join us for a more informal worship service and more time for fellowship.

As you may have heard, there will be big changes in the Forum this fall. After over 32 years of meeting at St Paul's Chapel on the campus of Columbia University, this fall most of our meetings will be moving off campus.  We will still be meeting at St Paul's at least once each month where we will emphasize mucis, but the rest of our meetings will be a church a little north of campus.  All our services will still have music, liturgy, scripture and thoughtful spirituality that has always characterized the Forum.  We will be giving you all the details in our Fall Newsletter so watch for more information and join us for one or more of our summer meetings.