Forum News - Fall 2003

Ron Lawson, Chaplain

Dear Member

Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord! I hope that you are having a good summer, and are eager to be part of stimulating, satisfying worship services this Fall--Services which focus on meeting God, stretching our minds and understanding, and experiencing a love of one another that we can share with others we interact with during the week.

Some of you have not yet been to services since we moved to St Mary's Episcopal Church on 126th St. This location has several advantages. The church is attractive and worshipful, and it feels good to meet in a church so committed to social outreach. Parking is close and plentiful and there is easy access by bus and subway (see directions). Our time is also more flexible, so that we are not forced to cut short an exciting discussion. Please join us there.

We have frequently been called "Adventism's best-kept secret in New York." While at first that seems flattering, behind it is a serious problem. We keep hearing of Adventists dropping out of churches here because they feel unfed by a conservative, repetitive tone; and of Adventists who move here and never find a church where they feel comfortable. They would feel different about the Forum, but they do not know about us. Please do your part to spread the news--invite people to come; tell them about us.

The best way to communicate with us is to attend our services, but you can also visit our website, call (718.885.9533) or email me.

Ronald Lawson, PhD