Forum News - Fall 2005

Ron Lawson, Chaplain

Dear Members

Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord! I hope that you are having a good summer, and are eager to be part of stimulating, satisfying worship services this fall—services which focus on meeting God, stretching our minds and understanding, and experiencing a love of one another that we can share with others we interact with during the week.

New Items in our Program: At our annual meeting in May, members expressed an interest in knowing more about current theological breakthroughs within Christianity. We can not afford to bring the most famous theologians, but I suggested that since I teach in a joint program between Queens College (my home campus) and Union and New York Theological Seminaries, that I invite some of the best doctoral students to speak to us. I am happy to announce that the three students recommended to me by the Academic Dean of UTS will be the speakers at our services during the coming year. The first, Malinda Berry, will be with us on Oct 15.

Later in the year we will feature two of our own student members for morning/afternoon meetings: James Pate, who is now pursuing a ThD at Hebrew Union Seminary, and Linn Tonstadt, who is pursuing the same degree at Yale University School of Divinity.

We also will be welcoming Lauralea Banks as a new member in the fall. She has spent the last year in Jordan studying Arabic, and will be pursuing a graduate degree at Columbia University. She has agreed to speak at a service in February.

Another newcomer is Nabil Mahfoudhi, a medical doctor from Tunisia, North Africa. He is here preparing to take the USMLE exams—the exams that allow foreign-trained medical doctors to practice in the US.

We look forward to getting to know all these newcomers to our fellowship. We hope that there will be others we are not yet aware of. We offer you a similar welcome to the Forum.

Ron Lawson, President