Forum News - Fall 2006

Ron Lawson, Chaplain

Dear Members

We are excited to announce that during the Fall we will meet once per month with City Lights, a group that we have found we share important interests with. We are looking forward to getting to know one another and to sharing our worship and pilgrimage together. We invite you all to make a special effort to be present for these special services.

Gina Rae Foster, our resident poet, has, at the request of our annual meeting, developed two new liturgies for us, which we will begin using now. This means we will rotate among a total of four, the two we have long used (the “Green” and “Blue” liturgies, and the two new ones (“Pink” and “Yellow”).  Bravos to Gina!

We have a new way to handle our email list.  We are using the Groups feature at Yahoo to send messages about last minute changes or other news of interest. If you were on our previous email list or want to be on the list, you must join by using the Yahoo Group icon on our home page.  We will no longer be using our previous list.  The list is moderated, so you should never receive messages that are not relevant to our group and you can remove yourself at any time, if you choose.

Ron Lawson, President