Forum News - Spring 2008

Ron Lawson, Chaplain

Dear Members

We welcome to our membership list, and to those receiving our newsletter, the members of CityLights who are receiving it for the first time. It is wonderful to be sharing services with you, and we look forward to getting to know you well as we worship and work together. Our members will also be receiving mailings from CityLights. Since the content of their meetings are not usually available as we go to press, this will allow you to know what they plan for our joint meetings at the Quaker Center.

Ron Lawson, President

Newsletter/Schedule Delivery

Beginning this quarter, we are offering two methods for receiving our news and scheule: email and US mail.  


Our preferred method is to send you and email each quarter when the new schedule is available.  The mail will contain a link that will take you to our website and display the current schedule for you to print and return to any time later to print an additional copy or see changes.  If you select this method you will also receive occasional mail about updates or special notices.

US Mail

If you do not have access to email or a printer or find that printing your own copy is inconvenient we are willing to continue sending you our schedule each quarter by US mail, but since this costs us printing and postage, please do not request this method unless you live in the area and plan to attend at least occasionally.  If you just like to be aware of our topics, please request the email delivery.


If you were on our mailing list in the winter of 2008, you should have gotten a card with our printed newsletter that you could use to request how you wanted future deliveries.  Some of you returned that and we will begin using your selected delivery method.  For those that did not return the card, we plan to send you a printed copy along with the card one more time (Spring 2008 newsletter) but if you do not return this card you will be dropped from our list.