Forum Joins the Adventist Metro Federation

We have a new opportunity for growth and outreach.  At our spring meeting we also chose to become a member of the Adventist Metro Federation, a group sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist North American Division, to help foster and coordinate new approaches to reaching certain target groups in the NY metro area.  This group and its programs can help us grow.

The AMF was begun because of the difficulty the church has experienced in reaching certain demographic groups in metropolitan regions.  This has been particularly hard in the NY/NJ/Conn region because of the number of local conferences and unions that partition the region.  The SDA North American Division formed a commission to look for new solutions to the problem and one of its efforts was the creation of the AMF.  Three target groups are described in the AMF Focus statement.  Group number two is nearly identical to the group that has historically been attracted to the Forum and its services.  So after lengthy discussion and consideration, the Forum's annual meeting voted to join the AMF as a member group and participate in its mission.


How can the AMF help us and how can we help it?

The AMF can help us raise money to fund advertising and other ways to promote our services.  The AMF occasionally conducts training seminars to teach methods of outreach that has been successful with reaching similar target groups.  By joining the AMF, we can influence the types of seminars offered and member receive a discount in attending them.  The AMF can help us locate other churches or groups that might cooperate with us in building our mission and reaching those that would be interested in our service.

By joining we have representation on the AMF steering committee.

The AMF has a task force specifically targetting group #2 (intellectuals, artists and professional people) that is chaired by a Forum member, Terry Anderson.  The Forum can partner with this task force in planning new approaches to reaching this target group and participate in those new programs.  Some of these ideas are discussed in a brief article by Terry.

We will be discussing some of these new ideas and asking for your input throughout the year.

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