The Forum Changes its Name

Greater New York Adventist Forum
Metro New York Adventist Forum

This fall the Forum decided to change its name to Metro New York Adventist Forum.  This does not imply any change in our mission but was chosen to better reflect the scope of our mission and honor our recent affiliation with the Adventist Metro Federation. For many years our official name has been Greater New York Adventist Forum, though more often referred to simply as "The Forum".  But some were concerned that this name lead to some confusion as to the area we serve.  After some discussion, the group choose "Metro" as better denoting the entire metropolitan area including parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut states.  Of course we really have no boundaries.  Anyone who shares our goals is welcome to worship with us and we have members who attend periodically from well outside the metropolitan area.  But we feel that "Metro" better indicates the area from which most of our members come.

For the immediate future our website will remain, even though this no longer reflects our initials but it will take some time to change our registered domain name.