New Piano

You may recall that at our annual business meeting (May 2004) we discussed the idea of purchasing a new piano for St Mary's church, because it would greatly enhance our worship recitals and would be a great benefit to St Mary's that has provided us a home.  We agreed that we would raise the money from extra donations and approved up to $10,000 for this purpose.

This became more urgent as we planned our annual Thanksgiving Worship Recital.  We have invited Faith Eshem (our wonderful friend, member and operatic soprano) to give the recital this year and she agreed if Bob Wilson would accompany her.  He said he would be happy to but was very reluctant (closer to refused) to do it on the existing piano which is really in horrible condition.  We looked into renting one and it is much too expensive.  It would be a shame to spend so much on rent when we intend to buy anyway. 

Fortunately we got word of a very nice grand piano available for sale.  An aging professional musician is having to move from her home and must sell two pianos.  One is over $20,000 and out of our range, but one (older but just rebuilt and in very good condition) was available for only $3500.  Ron and Bob Wilson went to see and play it and found it quite acceptable for our needs.  The pianists daughter who was handling the sale was so anxious to sell it she offered it to us for $1800 if we would agree immediately and so Ron agreed that we would buy it. 

It will be moved into St Mary's before our first service on September 11. 

While we have paid for this out of our operating surplus, we agreed that we would buy it from new donations, so we must still raise the $1800, but that should be much easier than the original $10,000 we agreed to.

So come and hear our new piano at services this fall and especially at our Thanksgiving Worship Recital on November 20.