Our New Home at St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church

We hold the first part of our service in the front of the church.

Music is still an important part of each service.  Our organist (Scott Wager) plays St Mary's pipe organ.

Most weeks we move to the back of the church for part of our service, where we can have a closer more intimate presentation and discussion and for our concerns of the community and prayer.  This allows us to maintain our tradition of meeting in a circle.  But we move back to the front for our closing liturgy and musical portions.

On the second Sabbath of each month we have a guest speaker.  We share our lunch together after the morning service and have an additional service (starting at 2:30) with our guest speaker.  St Mary's offers us a nice outdoor location for our lunch when the weather is nice.

If you have not yet worshipped with us at our new home.  Come and experience our new home any first, second or third Sabbath of each month.