Forum Goes Weekly in the Fall, 2000!

Through most of its 30 year life the Forum has met weekly, but several years ago we cut back to twice monthly, due to smaller membership and to try to consolidate our attendence.  While this has been at somewhat successful in having a more stable and regular attendance, several members have been unhappy to not have a Forum worship each week and to have to find other places to worship.  At our annual meeting in April, 2000, we voted to go back to meeting every week.

The Challanges

With this decision we face several challanges.  First our rent will dramatically increase.  We will need to increase our income though additional donations and increased attendence and offerings.

We need to avoid the splintering effect we felt when we decided to reduce our meetings a few years ago.  If members attend irregularly, we can develop disjoint subgroups (e.g., those that attend 1st and 3rd week vs those that attend 2nd and 4th weeks, etc).  We can loose the sense of community that for many is one of the strong reasons to belong to Forum.  Our weekly attendence can fall so low that it becomes embarrassing to bring in guest speakers.  With less consistent attendence our series of related topics become more splintered, with some having heard the previous session and others not.  We need to avoid these pit falls and urge all members to make a committment to regular attendence.  With regular attendence our sense of community can be even stronger than previously by coming together every week and having twice the blessing.

We will have many more meetings to plan.  It is important that we not dilute the quality of our meetings while doubling the number.  We have asked ourselves how we might improve our worship using this flexibility of more meetings.  There are things we have not done in recent years due to reduced meetings.  There are new things we might do to enhance our worship.  Let's accept the challange and fill these additional services with new approaches and topics that will stimulate each of us.

The New Services

Our current plans for next year include: increasing our musical services, more informal discussion services including series of related topics.

Our current plans are for Dr Lester Wright to plan a series of discussion topics for the first Sabbath of each month.  Dr Terry Anderson will be planning a discussion series for the third Sabbath.  The fifth Sabbath, when it occurs, will be an all music service.

Terry's series will have some services continuing the series on Church History that Terry has been leading for several years.  We are currently looking at beginnings of the Reformation.  Most of the services will be a new series Terry is creating on ethics applied to life situations.  We will begin with some background on the philosophical methods of ethics and then apply these to different situations each week.  Services will be a short introduction to the topic and then consist mostly of group discussion.  Possible topics include: ethics & business practice, ethics and family relations, ethics and medicine, ethics and lawyers, ethics and public policy.  Occasionally we will have a guest expert to help us address the topic.  For a more complete description see Ethics Series.

As the year develops, share your responses with us.  Are the new services filling your additional unmet needs?  Is there something else you'd like to see us doing in more services?  Let's work together to make this an opportunity to meet the community's worship needs better.


We need to grow.  We need to grow to serve the needs of more Christians.  We need to grow to enhance the quality of our worship.  We need to grow to meet our expenses.

There are Christians in the area whose worship needs are not being well met and that would gain a blessing from our services.  We need to find them and invite them to our services.  There are non-Christians in the area who would be attracted to our thoughful approach to issues and drawn to Christ through our services.  We need to find them and invite them to our services.

We have a new opportunity for growth and outreach.  At our spring meeting we also chose to become a member of the Adventist Metro Federation, a group sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist North American Division, to help foster and coordinate new approaches to reaching certain target groups in the NY metro area.  This group and its programs can help us grow.  For more information see Forum Joins Adventist Metro Federation.

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