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Special 30th Anniversary Year
Apr - Jun 2000 Meetings
Mar 25
Member Speaker: Ed SamuelTopic: Architecture and Myth. Bio: Architect in New Haven, Conn. and Forum member. Notes: This will catch you by surprise. Learn about the architecture of our own St. Paul's Chapel.
Apr 8
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker. Dr Alden Thompson.  Topic of the Day: Escaping from Hell, Adventist Style. Morning Topic: Ellen White Escapes from Hell: The Appeal to Human Experience. Afternoon Topic: Did God say so? Or Did I think it up on my own? The Adventist Dilemma and Opportunity. Bio: Professor of Old Testament at Walla Walla College. Dr Thompson is the author of a number of books including: Who's Afraid of the Old Testament God.  We reviewed his book: Inspiration, in one of our 1992/93 meetings.
Apr 22
Member Speaker: Mindy Scarlett-PersaudTopic: Christianity Defined. Annual business meeting follows the service in the Art Gallary - bring lunch.
May 13
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Ron Graybill.  Morning Topic: Ellen White 20 Years Later: How She and We Have Changed. Afternoon Topic: The Meaning of Misspelled Words: Examnining Ellen White's Handwritten Manuscripts. Bio: Community Benefit Coordinator, Loma Linda Univ Medical Ctr. Formerly of the White Estate.
May 27
Member Speaker: Dr Charles Stokes.  Topic: The City and the Promise. Bio: Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics, Univ of Bridgeport (Conn). Notes: Charles will compare the cities we have with the promised heavenly city and consider some political and social implications that flow therefrom.
Jun 10
Guest Speaker: Dr Russel Staples. Morning Topic: A Spirituality of the Road - relevant to the Christian life and witness. Afternoon Topic: Luther - Eastern Orthodoxy - Anglican Moralism: Which way the Christian Road of Salvation? (Elements in the trajectory of Wesley's experience and implications for Adventist understandings of Grace).   Bio: Professor Missions, SDA Seminary.
Jun 24
Chuirch History Series: let by Terry Anderson (a continuation of our series on the history of the early Christian church). Topic: The Reformers Before the Reformation - Wycliff, Huss & Jerome.  Notes: This continues our examination of the origins of the Reformation.
This concludes our services for the academic year.  There will probably be two or three meetings in members homes over the summer - watch for the summer newsletter.  Our services in St Paul's Chapel will begin again on September  9.
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