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Sep - Dec 2000 Meetings
Sep 9
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Bruce MoyerMorning Topic: The Poor Among Us. Afternoon Topic: New Directions in Missions. Bio: Dr Moyer is Professor of Urban Ministry & Missions, SDA Seminary, Andrews Univ. Notes: Today's topic is a fitting way to inaugurate our new association with Adventist Metro Federation.
Sep 16
Ethics Series: Dr Terry AndersonMorning Topic: Introduction to Ethics and Moral Philosphy. Notes: This week we launch our new "third week" series on Practical Ethics organized by Terry and occurring on the third Saturday of most months (see Ethics Series. for more info)
Sep 23
Spiritual Series: Member Speaker: Dr Charles StokesMorning Topic: My Pilgrimage. Bio: Dr Stokes is Distinguished Prof Emeritus, Univ of Bridgeport, former Academic Dean of Atlantic Union College and Forum member. Notes: This week launches the "fourth week" series with a spiritual emphasis. It will normally occur on the fourth Saturday of each month.  Several in the series will be member sharing something about their spiritual pilgrimage and the issues they have wrestled with.  Due to a scheduling conflict today's service will be downstairs in the Red Room.
Sep 30
Ministry Series: Guest Speaker: Ted KarpfMorning Topic: A congregation and Its Communities: A Community and Its Congregations. Bio: Ted Karpf is Canon of the National Cathedral and Congregational Development Officer for the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, is an experienced pastor who has also served as Exec Director of the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition. Notes:   Canon Karpf will lead us in a discussion of how a congregation can most effectively minister to its community; how to relates with the various communities and with the various congregations which surround it. This meeting launches our new "first week" series on Ministry organized by Lester Wright.  It will usually occur on the first Saturday of each month (this month is an exception).
Oct 7
Spiritual Series: Member SpeakerGrace Fields. Morning Topic: My Pilgimage. Bio: Grace is a retired social worker,  church employee and one of the founding member of our Fourm.  Notes: Today's service will be downstairs in the Red Room.
 Oct 14
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Elder Alvin Kibble.  Morning Topic: The Church in North America...A River Runs Through It. Afternoon Topic: Jubilee! The History of Regional Conferences. Bio: Elder Kibble is President of the Allegheny East Conference of SDA. Notes: "I am advised that Elder Kibble is one of the key players and one of the most thoughful reflectors on the situation of African-Americans in our church today." Please spread the word.
Oct 21
Worship Recital: Faith EshamBio: Faith is a Grammy winning opera start and recitalist, teaching voice at Rutgers University and Westminster Choic College - and a member of our Forum.  Notes: Bring your friends to this very special musical service.  This is the first of our new "fifth week" Music Series which will usually occur on the fifth Saturday of months that have a fifth Saturday.  Today's recital was rescheduled due to Faith's performance schedule.
Oct 28
Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson. Morning Topic: Intro to Ethics and Moral Philosophy II. Notes: This is a continuation of our introduction to the foundations of Moral Philosophy and the second of our new Ethics Series.
Nov 4
Ministry Series: Guest Speaker: Jewelnel DavisMorning Topic: When Ministry Includes a CampusBio: Our speaker is Chaplain of Columbia University, Baptist pastor and gradulate of Yale Divinity School.  She has also served as Chaplain of Carleton College (Minn).  Notes: As Chaplain, she is our host at St Paul's Chapel and this offers us the opportunity both to gain from her experience and to introduce our Forum more peronally to her.  We need a good attendence. Our Columbia students are especially needed.
Nov 11
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Rene Drumm.   Morning Topic: TBA (Dr Drumm will address issues from her research such as Gay and Lesbian Adventist, their families, their alienation from and participation in the church.) Bio: Dr Drumm is Prof of Social Work, Andrews Univ.  She recently completed her PhD disertation on the general topic of the SDA Church and its Gay and Lesbian Members.
Nov 18
Spiritual Series: Book Review: Seventh-day Adventism in Crisis: Gender and Sectarian Change in an Emerging Religion by Laura VanceReviewers: Jan Anderson, Judy Rittenhouse, Grace Fields, Charles Stokes, Ron Lawson.
Nov 25
Church History Series: Dr Terry AndersonMorning Topic: The German Reformation. Notes: This is the next installment in our long running series on the history of the Early Christian Church.
Dec 2
Ministry Series: Lester WrightMorning Topic: Lessons from Sabbath School. Notes: Lester Wright, Forum member and arranger for the "First Week Series" will lead a discussion of significant issues raised by the Sabbath School lesson topic for the Fourth Quarter. He does not expect to give you the answers but rather to stimulate ongoing thought.  If this service leaves each of us with questions to discuss over Sabbath dinner he will  count it successful.
Dec 9
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Richard Osborn. Morning Topic: Avoiding the Fate of Galileo in the 21st Century. Afternoon Topic: A Baker's Dozen of Trends for the Adventist Church. Bio: Dr Osborn is Head of the Education Dept, North American Div of SDA.
Dec 16
Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson. Morning Topic: When in Rome or Ethical RelativismNotes: We will examine Ethical Absolutism and Ethical Relativism through an issue arising from cultural differences in norms. This is a continuation of our new Ethics Series.
Dec 23
Christmas Service: Bob BouchardNotes: This is our annual special Christmas service organized each year by Bob. Come, bring something to contribute to the service (perform, read or just choose a carol) and munchies to share after.
Dec 30 No Service.

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