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Apr - Jun 2001 Meetings
Apr 7
[This is a CHANGE] -- Ministry Series : Lester Wright Morning Topic: Two Encounters with Jesus: Choices. Notes: As Jesus Journeyed to Jerusalem, he encountered two people with vastly different results.
Annual Meeting: We will hold our annual meeting in the basement of the Chapel following the service.  We have vital, challenging issues to discuss.  Please be there.
Apr 14
Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson.  Morning Topic: Religion and Morals . Notes: We will examine the role of religion in moral theory andconsider some examples. This is fifth in our new  EthicsSeries.
Apr 21
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker : Dr Sten LaBiancaMorning Topic: 'The Road to Hell' Revisited: Changing the World One Life at a Time with ADRA. Afternoon Topic: Developing ADRA: The Educational Partnership of Andrews University and ADRA. Bio:Dr LaBianca is Professor of Anthropology at Andrews University. Sten has been doing a lot of work with ADRA International and will explore the general topic of How the SDA world view has helped shape the work of ADRA.
Apr 28
Spiritual Series: Rev. Javin Higgins. Morning Topic: Overcoming Yesterday. Notes: Our Chaplain got to know our Javin as a student in one of his courses at NY Theological Seminary. Javin was converted and did the first half of his M.Div degree shile a prisoner in Sing Sing Prison.
May 5
Church History Series :Dr Terry AndersonMorning Topic: The Swiss Reformation. Notes: Zwingli in Zurich in Luther's time and Calvin in Geneva.
May 12
Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson. Morning Topic: Imposing Religious Views on Children: A Case Study in Morality. Notes: Who should decide such issues as blood transfusions and medical treatment for children? When is punishment child abuse? (Absolutism, Religious Morals, Utilitarianism, Cultural Relativism). This is sixth in our new Ethics Series
NOTE: St Paul's Chapel is closed this weekend because of graduation exercises. We have been assigned Rm 315 Hamilton Hall for our service. Hamilton is on south side of "campus walk" (116th St) at the Amsterdam Ave entrance.  The entrance is on side of building opposite to campus walk.
May 19
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker : Ginger Harwood.  Morning Topic of the Day: Adventism and Fundamentalism: A Match Made in Heaven or Strange Bedfellows?  Morning Topic: Why Adventism is not a Fundamentalist Movement. Afternoon Topic: Utrecht or Historic Adventism: How the fundamentalism arguments against women's ordination break with early Adventism. Bio:Ms Harwood is a Professor in the Religion Dept of La Sierra Univ.
May 26
Book Review: Jewish-Christian Dialogue: One Woman's Experience by Mary C. Boys. Reviewers: Jan Anderson, Grace Fields, Michael McKay, Laura Ford, Alex Belisle.
Jun 2
Spiritual Series: Member Speaker:Judy Rittenhouse.  Morning Topic: My Pilgrimage. Notes: Because a wedding was booked long ago for this date, this meeting will take place in the Red Room in the basement of the Chapel.
Jun 9
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker : Dr Charles ScrivenMorning Topic: Freedom Songs: Reflections on Revelation 4 & 5. Afternoon Topic: The Next Remnant.Bio: Dr Scriven is Acting President, Kettering College, formerly President, Columbia Union College.
Jun 16
Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson.Morning Topic: Kant and the Categorical Imperative: The Ethics of Duty and Respect. Notes: Because a wedding was booked long ago for this date, this meeting will take place in the Red Room in the basement of the Chapel.
Jun 23
Ministry Series : Lester WrightMorning Topic: Reflections from Ethiopia: A report on the road to Gimbi. Notes: Lester will have just returned from Ethiopia, where he was stationed as a missionary 30 years ago.  He will report on how one "mission field" has changed in 30 years, what can be seen and felt in 2001 and the impact of returning on this observer.
Jun 30
Worship Recital : Timothy Amulkele.  Bio: Tim is a member of Forum. He is a music enthusiast formerly of Nigeria. Music: A worship recital of contemporary and African sacred music.
July & Aug The Forum does not meet at St Paul's Chapel during July or August.  Watch for announcements of meetings at members home during the summer. Services will resume the 2nd Saturday in September. TerryL Anderson