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Dec 2000 - Apr 2001 Meetings
Dec 9
10:00 & 1:30
[This is a CHANGE] -- Guest Speaker : Dr Cynthia Westerbeck. Morning Topic: 'That Mysterious Good': Music in Victorian (& Adventist) CultureAfternoon Topic: 'No Truer Truth': The Ministry of Music in Victorian Poetry . Bio: Dr Westerbeck is Professor of English at Columbia Union College. Music: Esther Wideman, an SDA and long-time church organistat the First Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia will provide Christmas music by Messiaen before, during and after the service.  Come earlyso that you do not miss her prelude.  (she will also be giving us aworship recital on March 31.) 
Dec 16
Ethics Series: Dr Terry Anderson. Morning Topic: When in Rome ... or EthicalRelativismNotes: We will examine Ethical Absolutism andEthical Relativismthrough an issue arising from cultural differences in norms.This is acontinuationof our new Ethics Series.
Dec 23
Ch ris tma sSe rvi ce:Bob Bouchard. Notes: This is our annual special Christmasservice organized each year by Bob. Come, bring something to contributeto the service (perform, read or just choose a carol) and munchies to shareafter.
Dec 30 No Service.
Jan 6
Ministry Series : Lester WrightMorning Topic: Lessons from Sabbath School - Proverbs: Wisdom to live by.Notes: Lester Wright, Forum member and arranger for the "First WeekSeries" will lead a discussion of significant issues raised by the SabbathSchool lesson topic for the Fourth Quarter of 2000. 
Jan 13
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker : Dr Charles TeelMorning Topic: Matthew on Kingdomness. Afternoon Topic: The Radical Roots of Adventism in the Peruvian Andes. Bio: Dr Teel is Professor of Religion and Sociology and Director of the Stahl Center, La Sierra University. Notes: Dr Teel will examine the approach and impact of Fernando Stahl, pioneer missionary to Peru, and consider its relevance to us today.
Jan 20
Ethics Series :Dr Terry Anderson. Morning Topic: Subjectivism & Egoism. Notes: We will expore subjectivism and egoism throughselected issues. This is fourth in our new  EthicsSeries .
Jan 27
Book Review: The Silent Church: Human Rights and Adventist Social Ethics by Zdravko (Zack) Plantak (St Martin;'s Press 1998). Reviewers: Gladys Jarrett, Stella Samuel, Jim Wideman, Emmanuel Erin & Ron Lawson. Notes: Dr Plantak, the author, isChair of the Religion Dept, Columbia Union College.  He will also beour guest March 10.
Feb 3
Ministry Series : Lester WrightMorning Topic: Abraham, Isaac & Salvation. Notes: An exploration of the meaning for us of thedifficult story of what took place on Mt Moriah. 
Feb 10
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker : Dr Don Dayton.  Morning Topic: Methodists: Adventist Roots and More Recent Contrasts and Comparisions. Afternoon Topic: The Pentecostals are Coming: Why Pentecostalism is Growing so much Faster than Adventism, both Worldwide and in the US. Bio: Dr Dayton is a renowned historian of the Methodist and Pentecostal movements.  He is from Drew University (in NJ) and though not an SDA, he knows Adventism well, having lectured at Andrews University and served as a doctoral dissertation reviewer.
Feb 17
Church History Series : Dr Terry AndersonMorning Topic: The German Reformation.Notes: This is the next installment in ourlong running series onthe history of the Early Christian Church.
Feb 24
Spiritual Series :Member Speaker: Dr Kristine Gebbie. Morning Topic: "One Holy Christian and Apostolic Church...": Dialogue between Lutherans and Catholics. Bio: DrGibbie is Professor Nursing at Columbia University and a Forum member. Notes: Kristine sees this dialogue differently from the way it was recently viewed in the Adventist Review.
Mar 3
Ministry Series : Lester WrightMorning Topic: Lessons from Sabbath School- Great Prayers and Pray-ers of the Bible. Notes : A discussion of significant issues raised by the SabbathSchool lesson topic for the First Quarter of 2001. 
Mar 10 10:00 & 1:30 Guest Speaker : Dr Zack PlantakMorning Topic: The Least of My Brethren. Afternoon Topic: Human Rights and Adventists: (a) What Adventists have not realized; (2) Can Adventists still make a positive contribution? Bio: Dr Plantak is Chair of the Dept of Religion, Columbia Union College. We reviewed his book in January.
Mar 17
Ministry Series : GuestSpeaker: Richard MarkerMorning Topic: Reaching Contemporary Urban Dwellers. Bio: Elder Marker is Treasurer of the Greater NY Conference of SDA.
Mar 24
Member Discussion: Topic: Adventists and Catholicism. Discussants: Major Coleman, Alex Belisle, Laura Ford, Ed Samuel, Charles Stokes & Ron Lawson. Notes: Spectrum recently devoted much of an issue to contributions that argued that it was time to update the Adventist view of Catholicism. The editors of the Adventist Review felt obliged to publish a response which was very traditional in tone.  Discussants will review both sources.
Mar 31
Worship Recital : Esther Wideman. Bio: Esther, who has been organist at First Street Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for 28 yrs. Music: Shewill perform the several segments of The Apocalypse by the Frenchcomposer Langlais, which will be interspersed with appropriate readings fromthe book of Revelation. Ms Wideman has performed her husband's music forMme Langlais, an international organ performer in her own right, and willplay this suite for her during the summer of 2001. 
Apr 7
Ethics Series :Dr Terry Anderson. Morning Topic: Religion and Morals . Notes: We will examine the role of religion in moral theory andconsider some examples. This is fifth in our newEthicsSeries. TerryL Anderson