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April-June1997 Meetings
Mar 22
Church History Series: led by Terry Anderson (a continuation of our series on the history of the early Christian church). Topic: The Crusades and Religion of the Common Man in the Middle Ages. (future topics in the series: The Religious Art, Architecture and Music of the Middle Ages. Scott and Lisie will be presenting this topic.)
Apr 12
10:00 & 1:30
Member Speaker: Emmanuel Erin (Forum member and graduate student). Morning & Afternoon topic: Liberation Theology: Does it Liberate?
Apr 26
Member Speaker: Joe Mesar (Forum member, union organizer and staff attorney at the national Organization of Legal Services Workers. Joe has an M.A. in history and a law degree and previously served as a legal services lawyer in Pittsburgh for 8 years.) Topic: The Foolishness of Preaching: Stories of Conversion and Social Conscience from Ellen White.
May 10
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Roy Branson (Editor of Spectrum, the journal of the Assoc of Adventist Forums -- of which we are a chapter -- Ethicist at the Kennedy Institute of Georgetown University. Roy has been a frequent guest.) Morning: The Holiness of Laughter: Peanuts and the Sea of Glass. Afternoon: What does Adventism have to do with a God of Joy?
May 24
Member Speaker: Lisie Orjuela (Forum member and our Artist-in-Residence. She has done several presentations to us on Christian Art.) Topic: Sacred Art in the Middle Ages -- Part of our series in Early Church History.

Annual Meeting: Bring your lunch and stay for our annual meeting following the morning service. We will elect officers for next year and discuss meetings topics and other planning.

Jun 14
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: John McCall Wood (former professor of Old Testament at Atlantic Union College. John always brings a new, mind-expanding angle to his topics.) Morning topic: The Four Faces of Christ. Afternoon topic: Tracing the Johannine Community.
Jun 28
Member Speaker: Tom Dybdahl (Forum Member. After a year of working with men on death-row in the Louisiana prison system, changed careers two years ago to enter the Univ of Pennsylvania Law School.) Topic: Dreams and Drudgery: Changing Careers whcn you should know better.
Jul & Aug The Forum does not meet during July and Aug. Watch for the announcement of our Fall series beginning the second Saturday in September.

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