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NOTICE: Look at the dates and times carefully.  Several of this year's meetings will not follow our normal pattern of dates and times due to scheduling difficulties with Columbia University.
Jan - Apr 1998 Meetings
Dec 20 
Special Christmas Service: led by Bob Bouchard. All are encouraged to bring something to contribute to the service (e.g., special music, poetry, art, reading, or select a favorite carol) and munchies to share.  Note: the service will begin at noon.
Jan 10 
12:00 & 3:00
Guest Speaker: Richard Osborn (Vice-President for Education, North American Division of the SDA church). Morning topic: A Community of Truth Seekers (How should students and teachers go about seeking truth in a college setting?) Afternoon topic: In Search of an Adventist Narrative. (He will argue that Adventists no longer have a shared narrative that unites us.  Narrative provides one of the best avenues for developing a common, shared story that can give meaning to our lives.  After laying out the broad background, he will seek our help in identifying what we think the Adventist narrative should be for our church and its educational institutions.)  Note the unusual starting times.
Jan 24 
Church History Series: led by Terry Anderson (a continuation of our series on the history of the early Christian church). Topic: The History of Hell.
Feb 14 
10:00 &1:30
Guest Speaker: Arthur Patrick (formerly curator of the White Estate at Avondale College, now a visiting professor at La Sierra University.) General topic for the day: How Can SDAs Tell Their Family Story (including the Life and Work of Mother Ellen) with Integrity? Morning Topic: Symbols for Telling the Story of Ellen. Afternoon topic: Re-visioning Ellen White: Can She Survive beyond 2000?
Feb 28 
Book Review & Discussion: Book: Receiving the Word by Samuel Korentang-Pippem. This very controversial book has been highly influential among some key church leaders and a rallying point for fundamentalists among SDA theologians. Reviewers: Jan Anderson, Emmanuel Erin, Ron Lawson, John Sewell, & Steve Vance.
Mar 14 
Member Speaker: Dr Charles Stokes (emeritus Distinguished Professor of Economics, University of Bridgeport, former Dean of the College AUC and member of various church committees and boars over the years).  Morning Topic: The Millennium Paradigm: An Adventure in Prophecy.   Note: unusual starting time & no afternoon meeting -- our afternoon meeting will be fourth Sabbath this month.
Mar 28 
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: John Gavin, MSW (Assoc Director of ADRA North America). Morning & Afternoon topic:  Developing a Social Action Agency for the SDA Denomination in North America. The SDA Church has never had much of a social concern. While Catholic hospitals placed a lot of effort into looking after the poor, Adventist hospitals became a means of upward mobility for those who worked there; Ellen White wrote that we should leave looking after the needy to others such as the Salvation Army.  Now that some are attempting to develop ADRA in North America, it is proving a difficult task because it is so foreign to Adventist culture here.  Note: unusual afternoon meeting.
Apr 11 
10:00 &1:30
Guest Speaker: Mario Ochoa (Executive Vice-president of ADRA International). Morning Topic: The Good Samaritan of the 1990's.  Afternoon Topic: Development and Mission.
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