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NOTICE: Look at the dates and times carefully.  Several of this year's meetings will not follow our normal pattern of dates and times due to scheduling difficulties with Columbia University.

Sep - Dec 1998 Meetings
Sep 12
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Bert Beach (General Conference Ambassador at Large, formerly head of the GC Dept of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty). Morning Topic: The Adventist Church and Other Denominations.  Afternoon Topic: Religious Liberty Trends in the World.
Sep 26
Church History Series: led by Terry Anderson (a continuation of our series on the history of the early Christian church). Topic: The History of Purgatory & Salvation - how the beliefs concerning Purgatory originated, how views of who could be saved have evolved, Penance & Indulgences.
Oct 10
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Ervin Taylor (Professor of Anthropology, Univ of Calif-Riverside). Ervin was one of the organizers of a remarkable conference on Faith and Science for Adventist science teachers that was held at Andrews University this summer. His topic for the day is: . Topics: (overall) Crises in Adventist Creationism: Defusing a Time Bonb or Precipitating a Confrontation? Morning: Sources of the Problem.  Afternoon: Resolving the Problem: Andrews University Conference on Faith and Science--a First Step?.
Oct 24
Member Speaker: Major Coleman, Sr (Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University).  Topic: Is God a Capitalist?
Nov 14
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Earl Hilgert (retired, former Professor of New Testament, Adventist Seminary, Vice President, Andrews University and Professor of New Testament, McCormick Theological Seminary (Presbyterian), Chicago).  This is Earl's fourth vist with us - we invite him back because he feeds us so well spiritually.  Topic for the day: Modern Understandings of the Parables of Jesus.
Nov 28
Book Review & Discussion: Book: When the Well Runs Dry by Green. Reviewers: John Edwards, Jan Anderson, Janet Schultz. Note unusual starting time.
Dec 12
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Sylvan Lashley (President, Atlantic Union College). Topic for the day: The Perils of Higher Education
Dec 19 
Special Christmas Service: organized by Bob Bouchard. This is our special Christmas service.  Bring something to contribute to the service and munchies to share.  Note: a third Sabbath and unusual starting time.
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