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NOTICE: Look at the dates and times carefully.  Several of this year's meetings will not follow our normal pattern of dates and times due to scheduling difficulties with Columbia University.

January - April 1999 Meetings
Jan 9
Church History Series: led by Terry Anderson (a continuation of our series on the history of the early Christian church). Topic: The New Church: Scolasticism, Inquisition and the Renaissance -- an Introduction.  This is the overview for a subseries on related topics on changes occuring in the church and society from about 1046 to 1550 and including the Scholastic movement, the founding of the universities, the inquisition, the Holy Roman Empire and the Renaissance. Note: 12:00 start and no afternoon meeting today; our full day meeting will be on the fourth Saturday this month.
Jan 23
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Professor Dale Irvin (Professor of Wold Christianity, NY Theological Seminary). Dale is the husband of Victoria Erickson who has spoken to us several times.  Topic for the day: Anamnesic SolidarityMorning: Historical Memory as Resistance. Afternoon: Historical Memories of Resistance. Note this is an all day meeting.
Feb 13
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Walter Ralls (Theologian and Historian). Dr Ralls is a former Adventist who taught for a decade at Washington Missionary College (now Columbia Union College).  After completing a Doctorate in History here at Columbia University he taught briefly at Cornell and Penn State and then spent most of his career at Hobart and Willaim Smith Colleges in upstate NY.  He is a close friend of Earl Hilgert who recruited him to speak to us when it became clear that Earl's wife was too ill to permit him to come.  Dr Ralls says that his meeting will focus on the roles of reason and faith.  Topic for the day: Whoring after Strange Gods.  Morning: Ellen White and the End of the EnlightenmentAfternoon: Is there Faith in the Bodhi Tree?
Feb 27
Book Review & Tour. Book: The Creationists: The Evolution of Scientific Creationism by Ronald Numbers.  Ron is an Adventist and Professor of History of Medicine and Science at University of Wisconsin.  He is also the gradson of a president of the General Conference.  Ron has written a lot on Adventism including Ellen White's health messages, the Millerites and creationism.  He argues in this book that Adventists created "scientific creationsim." Reviewers: Terry Anderson, Emmanuel Erin, Athena Gassoumis, Ron Lawson and Steve Vance. Tour: in the afternoon, Steve Vance will take us on a tour of the exhibits in the NY Museum of Natural History that create problems for Creationists. This meeting is intended to prepare us for the Mar 27 meeting (see below).
Mar 13
Member Speaker: Pat Coleman (Social Worker, NYC).  Topic: The Duality of Service.  Pat is a member of the Forum and will be exploring the relationship between Adventists and social work. Note that there is no afternoon meeting today; our full day meeting will be on the fourth Saturday this month.
Mar 27
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr Ben Clausen (Research Scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute).  GRI is a General Conference funded institute located at LaSierra University in California.  Topic: Ben, a nuclear physicist, has promised to share with us an hosnest and open-minded discussion of the problems facing Creation Science today, its credibility , and where we need to go in order to retain our honesty -- both morning and afternoon.  He is aware that his audience will include some who are wrestling with these issues themselves, and that he will have to be much more open than in his regular church and academy presentations.  Note that the Feb 27 meeting is intended to prepare us for this meeting.  You can visit Ben's website at and read a paper of his at Note that this is an all day meeting.
Apr 10
10:00 & 1:30
Guest Speaker: Dr John Dybdahl (Professor of Missions at the Adventist Seminary at Andrews University and Director of the Missions Institute). John is the brother of our member Tom Dybdahl.  Topic for the day: to be announced. 
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