Who Are We?

We are a group of Adventists who are on a spiritual journey together.  We explore the things of God without fear, remembering that we were told to "prove all things, hold fast to that which is good." Because we are at different points along the journey, different views are expressed.  There is no pressure to conform, for we value learning from one another.  We are never offended by a question or a different point of view. But most of all, because the group is much smaller than most congregations, we get to know one another well, and we care for and support each other -- we do not feel pressured to pretend, to hide our troubles from one another. We worshiped at St Paul's Chapel, Columbia University for over 30 years (since 1969) but now worship at St Mary's Episcopal Church.  Our regulars include students, middle aged, and elderly persons; persons representing various races and nationalities; families, couples, and singles. We value our diversity. We feel the presence of God in our midst.

The Metro New York Adventist Forum is a chapter of the Association of Adventist Forums. Though we holds services on Saturday mornings we are not an official church recognized by the local SDA conference, but we are an outreach program for students, artists, intellectuals and others who desire a thoughtful approach to religious ideas. 

The Forum's mission is to

  1. provide a spiritual home for area students and others who may not find an area SDA church that serves their needs
  2. provide a forum for free discussion of religious ideas
  3. to serve as a religious community for those not finding one elsewhere or who find ours more accepting and satisfying

Officers & Contacts (2012-2013):

Chaplain and primary contact:
Ron Lawson ronaldlawson@nyc.rr.com
Phone: 718.441.7205
Mail: 115-25 Curzon Rd, Kew Gardens, NY 11418
Terry L Anderson tla@mnyaforum.org
Janet Schultz
Other Officers & Worship Leaders
Faith Esham
Christie Chui-Shan Chow
Ed & Stella Samuel
Janet Schultz

Group Pictures

A discussion session in our current home at St Mary's

A summer home meeting at Ron's house, 1999

In front of St Paul's Chapel, about 1996

When we met at StPaul's