Special Christmas Service

Dec 23, 1995

For the past 20 years or so (most of the life of the GNY Adventist Forum) we have followed the tradition of holding a special Christmas service on the Sabbath before Christmas. This year's service was on Dec 23. The Christmas service does not follow our usual service pattern. Instead everyone is encouraged to choose something to share with the others during the service. Some bring a poem to read. Others perform a special musical selection (this year included a vocal solo, and solos on the organ and piano). One member brought an painting she had done and another a comparision of Christmas traditions in different world cultures. Some members bring candles and other decorations to make the sancuary special.

The service consists of Christmas hymns interspersed with readings of the Christmas story from the gospels and member's contributions. Some of the hymns are chosen by the leader; others suggested by the members.

Some members also bring cheese & crackers, cookies and other Christmas snacks and beverages and after the service we share the food.

Attendence is often larger than for our normal services. Most of us look forward to this service as a special occasion to share the Christmas spirit and worship the Father's Gift to earth.

Our Chaplain and Organist, Ron Lawson, at the Organ. Our other organist, Scott Wager, can be seen behind him & the leader of this year service, Bob Bouchard, toward the camera

Some of the Christmas decorations

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